The result of the riots in Zhanaozen in the death of 10 and the detention of 70 people

The result of the riots in Zhanaozen in the deaths of 10 and the detention of 70 peopleKalmukhanbet Kassymov Kazakhstan's Interior Minister said that Zhanaozen (Mangistau region), the situation has stabilized. According to the minister, zateyschikami unrest in the town were previously laid-off workers of the oil company. They have been spoiled celebration day or Independence: first set was destroyed in the square stage, and then began looting. As a result, riots killed 10 man, more than 80 were injured, 70 arrested.

"Mess in Zhanaozen have been suppressed. Situation in the town is now measured, the square of people there," — said of Zhanaozen on Saturday, "Interfax" on the phone Kassymov.

According to the Interior Minister, as a result of riots killed 10 man, 75 civilian persons hospitalized with various injuries. He noted that also injured six law enforcement officers, one of them in a very languid state.

The Minister stressed that in Zhanaozen zateyschikami oil riots were previously dismissed from the company "KazMunaiGas" They were dressed in blue-and-red uniform company. Initially zateyschiki unrest prevented the holding of special events. They had been defeated in the square set the scene, and then former oil workers were engaged in looting.

Police detained the true time of about 70 man who are suspected of involvement in the mess.

Investigative team, investigating the action in Zhanaozen is headed Kassymov.

As reported in Friday's Zhanaozen, during the celebration of the 20th anniversary of Independence of the Republic, began massive mess. The Prosecutor's Office of the Republic said that "civilians who had gathered in the central square of the town to celebrate, were attacked by a group of persons." Violating public order, the criminals were carried out the attack on the police, was turned over Christmas tree, destroyed yurts and the scene, placed on the occasion of the anniversary, a police bus was scorched. During the riots burned the city administration building, the administrative building of "UMG" and a hotel. The destruction of property of legal entities and individuals, plundered ATMs, burned cars.

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