The revelations Wikileaks: representations of professionals

The revelations Wikileaks: expert opinion

Web site WikiLeaks, specializing in the distribution of anonymous documents published by the world's leading media in the evening to Sunday, November 28, more than 250 thousand letters to U.S. diplomats.

Made public correspondence includes data on U.S. foreign policy strategy for many countries, corruption and characterization of world leaders, including Russian. World leader in the declassified documents are unpleasant properties. Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, as necessary from Der Spiegel for November 29, the letter mentioned with adjectives "pale" and "indecisive". Afghan President Hamid Karzai described as "prone to paranoia" and the favorite of Germany Angela Merkel, allegedly, "risk averse and rarely takes a creative approach." Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is compared to Adolf Hitler.

Spaniard El Pais focuses its attention on the characterization of Vladimir Putin. Russian Prime Minister called the "alpha male" (original — alpha-dog) and a politician sticking to authoritarian ways, whose personal style of management allows us to associate it with Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi. "

The leak has been dubbed naikrupneyshim diplomatic act of terrorism, as candid expression of correspondence can permanently spoil things between states.

The source of this leak in U.S. military intelligence at the moment threatened the tribunal, but that does not stop the world's publications vie quote posted documents.

Browser IA REX Sergei Siberians about this resonant action raised questions for professionals of different countries.

IA REX: Which of the secrets discovered through publications on the notorious website WikiLeaks, it seemed more appropriate for you?

Kirill Pankratov — Doctor of Philosophy (Acton, MA, USA) I had read a very small fraction of materials. For me the greatest interest were the action around the conflict in South Ossetia and Georgia in August 2008. Materials once again confirm that it was clear unbiased Listed: that the main responsibility for the war lies with the Government of Georgia. I have reviewed some of the details in my LJ: So, for example, for August 7 and 8 — at the time of the escalation of the conflict, dispatches the South American Ambassador to Georgia, Tefft, contain a large number of fragmentary and unconfirmed reports in the main on the burgeoning hostilities in the top of the Georgian sources. But the only official announcement neutral party — OSCE observers — not clearly indicated at the beginning of the conflict. It was massive and unprovoked shelling of Tskhinvali and the Georgian circles heavy artillery began about 11 o'clock at night on August 7, and the invasion of thousands of Georgian soldier in a few hours after that. Another point of view, which would have at least a part of the neutrality and credibility, in diplomatic correspondence is not.

Vladimir Korobov — Director of research of the South Ukrainian border, PhD in Sociology (Kherson, Ukraine): While I do not vyznat of these "secrets" is nothing new. But if the Web sites "lit" means that someone needs …

I suppose that the story of the Web site WikiLeaks — is developing new technologies of information warfare. A possible organizer of the event and the source of the new information technologies — the United States. This "leak" obviously inspired. Most likely, prepare a large-scale international information scam. We can only guess who, what country or political force will target future "revelations". One thing is clear — many epithets in the address Putin or Berlusconi is not over, will cause serious, it is clear that launched a costly, large-scale operation, which afford little. Soon we will know the real purpose of the creation of the WikiLeaks project and will be able to believe what forces and what funds are behind him.

Yuri Glare — screenwriter, film director, psychologist (Odessa, Ukraine): I have not read the British original, and even more so of the total documents. It's thousands of files. From what came to me in Russian translation, I do not believe that it is not a single document. Yet even some of the most important of these files would, if it is used as a pretext to international scandal inflating pressure and means for opponents.

David Adelman — political analyst and political consultant (Jerusalem, Israel): As an Israeli, I was initially intrigued by the questions affairs of Arab countries to Iran and Pakistan, as well as items related specifically to Israel.

In the disclosed documents contain information that representatives of certain Arab countries, including Saudi Arabia's ruler, urged the U.S. poruha on Iran to end its nuclear applets.

It became clear why Israel failed to complete the military operation "Cast Lead" in Gaza and to finish off the power of Hamas. Recently the Israeli government operations consulted with Egypt and with Abu Mazen, trying to "sound out" the question is not whether they will agree to take control of the Gaza Strip if Israel has put Hamas. According to Barak, and Fatah and Egypt considered the Israeli proposal unacceptable.

Became known for a series of secret materials related to Pakistan's nuclear applets and concern in Washington and London over the fact that Pakistan is on the verge of economic collapse, and enriched uranium from a Pakistani research reactor may be in the hands of religious extremists or radicals, which can use a tool of mass destruction in terrorist purposes.

I am also intrigued by the materials on "behind the scenes" Orange events in Ukraine and events Ossetian war of 2008.

The main conclusion from this survey, the most angry is simple: the U.S. as "world policeman" — not much smarter sentry that stands at the intersection near your home.

Michael Dorfman — writer, editor, publisher (New-york, United States): I have not read all 250,000 documents. From what we squeezed to the media, there is nothing critical in principle, able to change the situation or harm. Especially since there is nothing about what would previously have not been contacted. If someone unflattering comments about someone from favorites (eg Putin — a male-alpha) it does not change anything.

Putin, Berlusconi, Gaddafi or Merkel also not named in the public domain.

Miroslav Berdnik — a journalist and publicist (Kiev, Ukraine) And in fact, the disclosure of secrets which it is? What is it, what would the public have not been contacted within its own materials, journalists, bloggers are not discussed, not bulling in kitchens commoners, it became clear through the publications of WikiLeaks? Well, reveals properties that have presented in an informal correspondence South American diplomats, world leaders, including Russian, so did the journalists themselves were not called Putin "alpha male", Berlusconi — homely, Merkel — uncreative, and Ahmadinejad — not associated with Hitler? Nothing except the exclusive publication requirements to get personal information illegally UN officials, including fingerprints and biometric data and the appeal of King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia and Jordan and Bahrain favorites asking the U.S. airstrikes on Iran, we do not read it. Even more scandalous, for example, in Ukraine, it was not news that intoxicated Lutsenko shared with U.S. diplomats that he had been instructed to arrest Turchinov and Kozhemyakin for the destruction of documentation abou
t the connection Timoshenko Semyon Mogilevich, and "sink" in the online media report Security Service of the CIA recruited some Ukrainian diplomats. And what followed? Rovnenky nothing.

Larissa Belzer-Lisyutkina — cultural studies, teacher of the Free Institute (Berlin, Germany): While none. That which is placed, curiosities faster than serious. Well, read the expressions of U.S. diplomats about the heads of nations. Could not read. No sensations. Nothing even close to this publication photos from Abu Ghraib. Waiting for subsequent portions of the revelations. On a more serious topic.

Alexey Dubinsky — educator, inventor, consultant (Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine): While not met there is nothing particularly principled. In my opinion the sensationalism of these materials is very exaggerated. Let's wait for the publication of all documents and we'll see, will go down if any of recognizable American figures.

Yuri Yuriev — politkonstruktor (Odessa, Ukraine): I do not think it's a secret. The essence of at least some of the document is that it is — not only confirmed its contents. According to another — it may be a fake or biased compiled. So here are the documents have not been proved nor responsible for removing the secrecy of persons, no excitation of investigations on them, not even the prosecution of servers that host these "documents" … They simply dubbed "unsafe" as in Ukraine called unsafe books Gleb Bobrova "Era Stillborn" and Olesya pith "Vampire Taras Shevchenko" and almost all still called unsafe … But who is this correspondence called "unsafe" and why? That is the secret of this whole saga with WikiLeaks … Currently RuNet breaks down faster head on it, so why advertise this WikiLeaks, turning it into a source of secrets they say, and not unhappy correspondence with gossip and nicknames, and is not Whether it's a warm-up for the huge drain of compromising U.S. to defeat these targets innuendo outside the U.S.? Here it is, the secret of WikiLeaks … The real secret. In general, wait for the publication of military and municipal mysteries indeed the highest level, all of a sudden they occur before this web site will Compromising international rivals USA …

IA REX: Change Has your opinion about the different qualities of the international policy after the publication of diplomatic correspondence on the website WikiLeaks?

Kirill Pankratov: Not really. In general, the disclosed files faster support than refute what we know about international politics and domestic politics of many countries of the ordinary available sources. Several astonished, perhaps, the level of paranoia in Iran — like America itself, and at the kleptocratic regimes Near East, which made the United States and its allies to which you can bring a lot more claims than Iran itself from the standpoint of human rights violations or support terrorism . Yes, we know that in these countries, Iran is not love, but not to such a cave hatred and obsession …

Vladimir Korobov: No, not changed. The role of information technology in international politics known. Nothing fundamentally new in the WikiLeaks revelations until I see it. I do not agree with those who are associated with the WikiLeaks scandal "September 11 of world diplomacy." Lavrov is right — "a fun read" while nothing else. I really liked the South American commentary — the words "this incomplete information", it is necessary to take this term into service.

Yuri Glare: Totally not changed. Diplomats in their own personal and dramatic statements, do not report anything new that you can not keep track of normal analytics open source, at least in the translations available to me. What's all the same for any particular detail — is interested yellowish press, but not me.

David Adelman: I think that, like all the participants of this survey, I have not inspected in detail not only with all the documents thrown in, but even with most of the seating. Useful to have plenty of time to thoughtfully read this correspondence, compare documents, together with other information. This long and careful work will serve the best understanding of certain conflicts and personalities.

From what I can see at the moment, 99% of offered — it wastes diplomatic activities, which are in themselves not interested to, but they can give a material for the next analysis.

Michael Dorfman: My world has changed. Such a style and a set of expressions reign in corporate meetings, boards of directors, well, everywhere. He — a part of the business of false-democratic, populist business etiquette, penetrated into all spheres of American life. I had to deal with the internal correspondence of several states and everywhere I meet are not the best standards of popular culture — hohmachestvo, foul language, superficial judgments and stereotypes.

Miroslav Berdnik: It's no secret that at least some a diplomatic consulate in any country gathers dossiers on more promising journalists, politicians, local government, civilian activists, etc. Diplomats meet with many of them (I do not touch at the moment of a different kind, a report on which is held on the graph other departments) to provide such a method unofficial information about the country's own residence. Later reports are prepared for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Nothing exceptional in the fact that the public domain was the "kitchen" of U.S. diplomatic, no. Is that in some measure in the public mind was formalized unspoken impact of U.S. diplomacy.

Larissa Belzer-Lisyutkina: No. No events currently not open.

Alexey Dubinsky: No, not changed.

Yuri Yuriev: No, not changed. International policy of the West has always been the colonialist nature and only in the last century, she went straight from the adjectives "aborigines" and "slaves" to Aesop language etiquette. And who took the West, "the burden of snow-white man" in general and "theories of racial inferiority" — we remember well, particularly since our forefathers were arguing with the broadcasters of the instrument's theories …

IA REX: What impact will this have plums, revelatory disclosure of hidden documents?

Kirill Pankratov: This will change the practice of diplomacy and protocols for secrecy more than any other event in recent years. I'm not sure that many of these configurations will be to the best. For example, you could be waiting a flowery and ambiguous language, to the detriment of clear analysis, even for the secret and hidden correspondences diplomatically, more different "fog of war" that only gets better decision-making. More basic information will be even more separated from the main channel of communication, sent separately, often in an allegorical and veiled, so that even the disclosure of "secrets" left many ambiguities and soil for different interpretations.

Vladimir Korobov: Will be developed and produced potent brand new development of information warfare. If everything is completed only by letters of diplomats — the scandal quickly come to naught.

Yuri Glare: Yes no. It's only just another tool in global trade global players. In the middle of other means — it's not even a joker. I am sure that most of these materials have long become the property of intelligence. It only works for the disclosure of the fact, and this, with very few exceptions, does not have a huge impact on policy.

David Adelman: The saddest thing is that this correspondence is placed jeopardizes an unlimited number of people in the world, such actions jeopardize lives. In particular, and life, the activity of which it seems useful.

The revelations harm global relations between the various states. Even the smallest secrets may prove
destructive when they become public domain. U.S. will have to pay dearly for correcting damage caused by these leaks.

Michael Dorfman: If anyone would want to use them for anti-American propaganda, it's tough for yourself to imagine what new can be said that has not been said without these documents. All of these quarter of a million telegrams are not equal in strength with the photo of the bullpen Abu Ghraib. In practical terms, then, of course, the authorities will send the strictest annotations, just like that, writing in the official dispatches. Conduct training and workshops.

Miroslav Berdnik: As I have said, the main result of the "drain" has become a formalization in the mass consciousness vneglasnogo impact the U.S., and reduced the "threshold of sensitivity" of people to the publication of the controversial policies of disk imaging. It is possible that this was exactly one of the objectives of the creation of the project WikiLeaks. Hard to imagine for yourself what the source of leaks of hundreds of thousands of units of disk imaging could be an ordinary U.S. Army, as we are trying to convince. It seems that however unpleasant leaders diplomatically departments of leading states that became known domestic kitchen, they have rallied around the United States and expressed full support and awareness. Sergey Lavrov, Minister of Foreign Affairs commented: "Well, it is, of course, funny read, expands our zaniya about the abilities of the human potential, but in practical politics we prefer to manage the affairs of certain of our partners. We will continue to use as a prime aspect of it specifically. " And Hillary Clinton, the U.S. secretary of municipal reassured everyone: "One of my foreign co-worker said to me: do not worry, if you only knew how we call you. I am glad that this issue is awareness, but, the same time, I wish to convince all: we take brutal steps to punish those who stole and published this information. "

Larissa Belzer-Lisyutkina: It is necessary to wait until the entire amount will be released materials. I think that in-1's, the government will be more cautious in their own words and actions, taking into account the possibility of leakage. In-2-x, they will try to enact legislation that criminalizes the disclosure of this kind of municipal secrets. In — the third will be expanded municipal Web sites that publish documents of ministries and departments, will be reduced to the minimum that a contingent of documents that are classified as "secret."

Alexey Dubinsky: This is the publication of any special effects will not cause. In 1-x, the policy of the U.S. State Department well known to all interested parties in the world and no one takes foreign diplomats for pure white and shaggy Knights of light, exploration of other states not once had access to confidential sources.

In-2, the State Department bureaucrats know very well what you can and can not be recorded in the documents. Interestingly, if I can at least someone to benefit from these "revelations"?

Yuri Yuriev: In the world — except that the philistine, until it reaches the really fundamental secrets, such as this November. For example, where the missing new "Raptor" over Alaska. What a mysterious U.S. ballistic missile launched from California. How is the provocation of South Korea with the signing of the Russian-Chinese agreement on direct clearing of the ruble and the yuan. Who through the IMF sets conditions Ukraine, that between the ruble and the euro zone was a political fickleness. And this level of secrets.

And for the creator of the website there is a phrase: "The Pentagon denies any involvement in the persecution of the founder of Wikileaks" and search engines show that the level of "plum" is absolutely not the secret, the result of which imposed the sentence and leave artists. I think that this is a conflict between the State Department and NSA where NSA hunt means nothing less than war, but the reason for the funding — well, not enough … Military to inflate itself Korea, and "Security" — WikiLeaks. According to the classic Western S.N.Parkinsonu "real piper always let a couple of rats," and it appears that the NSA has released a rat spices them with suitable scraps of correspondence … Either someone believes that "orange threat level" to systematize the U.S. , really helped threatening to chain proxies and proxy?

IA REX: What conclusions should come diplomats and municipal leaders after the scandal with WikiLeaks?

Kirill Pankratov: That in the era of digital info and all the available web any secrets tend to penetrate to the public to see. And not a drop to penetrate and massively entire archives: in a cardboard box under his shirt so much material for all life vynesesh. And that genie back in the bottle is not pound.

Vladimir Korobov: In the information era, the time and place of political life, the secrets very diplomatically declined, and the theory of "sekyuterizatsii" is becoming the least exciting and least applicable. I have referred to the coming era of "world without secrets." While the "secrets" are a bluff. Bluff was the work of Russian intelligence in the United States, was a bluff, American and British intelligence in Saddam's Iraq, etc., etc. WikiLeaks — another bluff, which try to give credibility by the "plum" minor diplomatic correspondence.

Yuri Glare: By trivial normal conclusion to which it is already a huge amount of our entrepreneurs and officials, accustomed to living in criteria full piracy any, more or less valuable database — must be stored in computers isolated from the network, or at all, on certain media.

David Adelman: Foreign agencies around the world will take years for the creation of new non-hazardous communication systems, so that in the coming prevent leakage hidden disk imaging. But diplomats have at the moment is to speak evil of unlearning.

Michael Dorfman: Those who would read with the Yankees will have to choose diplomatic expression. This is generally done without leaks. But the most important conclusion — we live in an open world and do business the old fashioned way harder and harder.

Miroslav Berdnik: As I have said, I believe the creation of WikiLeaks and published there hidden information scale special operation, the goals and objectives of which are unknown to us. And his diplomats and security officers can only wish to increase their own expertise and personnel work carried out in such a Makarov, so we did not have purple when she or other secret information suddenly becomes known.

Larissa Belzer-Lisyutkina: One conclusion: the era of electric media lurking all becomes clear.

Alexey Dubinsky: Of course, that:

1. Now it becomes obvious lurking significantly faster. Not in 100 years, and for a long time before the expiration of the statute of limitations.

2. Manuscripts do not burn just as well in digital document is an excellent chance to multiply and get to the net. With all of this information is not distorted and is copied exactly as it is.

3. Access to someone else's hidden disk imaging now receive not only the best security services, and intrigued by your private individuals and non-governmental organizations.

And to make such findings is:

— Any confidential documents need to be done carefully, taking into account that in a few years they may leak into the public access to the network.

— The policy of transparency of actions and expressions can be profitable role in the secret komplotah. More attention should be paid to the foundation and support piarnoy own actions.

— Web becomes even more efficient channel for draining disk imaging. And it can be used in the information war

giving a suitable network (mis) inf

— Each active policy becomes even more necessary service for the analysis of similar massive amounts of disk imaging.

Yuri Yuriev: Secrets of the store — it's not the diplomas SBU hands of U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine to issue posey … Let them and draw conclusions, or will order an audit of their own security structures such as DARPA by the method of "friendly hack" any forces from the freshest, not tied at the U.S. officials and allies. Maybe then they find out about themselves a lot more nasty, but useful for the future …

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