The Revolution, who stole a victory

95 years ago, February 23 (March 8, on a brand new style) 1917 in Petrograd began what is now called the February Revolution. Bread queues ruined empire

The Revolution, who stole a victory

February 1917. After the revolution, and the abdication Our homeland has lost a favorite. The war began with all of

The February revolution 1917 to this day remains one of the most majestic historical mysteries. Exploded not just a boiler, and the whole empire. So much so that it splinters fly far. All of us in one way or another — the heirs of the bloody February 1917. And the main thing — nobody really has not said why this tragedy.

The textbooks of my Russian youth wrote that in Petrograd, then began hunger. Allegedly, there were bread lines. Later, the workers rebelled, the soldiers garrison. The situation got out of control. The governor denied. A victory for the bourgeoisie enjoyed Stealther that created the Provisional Government.

Later, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, historians have repeatedly written that the famine in the capital of the empire was not. And not only hunger, and generally no problems with the products. In 1917, out of all the states participating in the First World War, Our homeland remained the most well-fed. Germany was choking in the grip of a naval blockade. Germans have kids at the time were born without nails due to bony mothers, unborn child on an empty stomach! But no one rebelled and overthrew the Kaiser did not!

Small 50,000,000th Austria-Hungary, which we contemptuously called "patchwork empire", fought hand to mouth on two fronts — against Russia and Italy. And fought successfully — in the main the opponent's area. We have her army so far represent only "the adventures of the brave soldier Schweik." But the truth is that it is not our homeland graduated from the First World War capture at least Lviv, and Austria-Hungary — the occupation of Odessa and Ekaterinoslavl. This is despite the total lack of resources!

Allies of — Britain and France — have mobilized the army everything they could — at first beautiful and athletic, and later dead and flat feet. All enlistment age, right up to the elderly, other than just crazy and really quite flabby, from which sand is literally rolled in! That's when Western Europe was the continent massively working ladies. That feat of labor, which may be glorified in the Russian folk majestically Russian war, when the boys will sharpen shells, British, French and German children have already done in the first world! And allies of, and its enemies, in February 1917, has long lived on the cards. All the products there were distributed strictly according to the norms. There is no free market in Europe at that time was not! Only the full mobilization and registration of all — is the financial policy, which later the Bolsheviks, did not think of — just slyamzil, would be called "war communism"!

And in Russia at the time of the February Revolution on cards distributed only sugar. All other products directly to reddish and dark calf, were freely available. And there were so many of them, that would be enough for even two, but three of. There is a silver-tongued example. Even when the end is not only February, and the October Revolution, and the Germans after the Brest-Litovsk Treaty in spring 1918, will be included in Kiev, their first hit wealth of food. Kaiser's soldiers will be staring in the windows of Kiev shops, full of sausages and buns. And nazhiratsya from the belly — for the first time during the war!

Think of another historical fact. In another war — Russian — last Petrograd which will Leningrad, will be in full blockade. Start a real hunger — cannibalism and corpses in the streets. But no one will rise up and do not want a revolution. And in 1917 there were queues in Petrograd in one beautiful day (even the date is known for sure — old one on February 21, March 6 — on a brand new style). And just another beautiful day in a week gone. And all spring, summer and autumn revolutionary citizens will be cracking own bread for both cheeks and zaplevyvat streets of the capital of the empire husks of sunflower seeds almost to the knee. Means someone was needed to make bread in a very specific moment gone somewhere, and then again found! It's like magic revolutionary happened! Denied Nicholas II — and here bakeries filled with loaves and turn left at the meetings.

But the miracle was not. It was quite another. Those who organized the February revolution, understood that it must be done immediately, because even after three or four months, our home will win a complete victory in the war, autocracy justify its effectiveness, and Kerensky, Gutchkoff, Lviv, Tereshchenko and other figures of February and die no one knows the Masons, calculating in the narrow circle of his own, who Masonic degrees cooler.

The Revolution, who stole a victory

Milukov "… History will curse the leaders, so called proletarians, but will curse us, which caused a storm "

In one of his letters, as usual stealthily admitted favorite of the Constitutional Democratic Milukov 'resolve to use the war for the coup was made by us soon after the start of the war, you know well that our army was to go to the coming of the (spring 1917), the results which would end at the root of all sorts of hints of dissatisfaction and would lead to an explosion in the country patriotism and jubilation. You realize now why I hesitated at the last moment to give its consent to the creation of the coup, is also aware of what should be my inner state at the current time. History will curse the leaders, so called proletarians, but will curse us, which caused a storm. "

Prior to the revolution in 1916 was very successful for the Russian Imperial Army. Even with the huge loss of life, but he was committed to all recognizable Brusilov Offensive. One hundred percent slug forgotten hunger. In the Black Sea have commissioned two new ships of the line and were preparing to enter the third. Helmet and gas mask became the norm for the infantryman on the front. In the sky, flying hundreds of Russian fighters, ending the dominance of the Germans in the air. Air battles on the Eastern Front, except Ram Nesterov, began only in 1916, and at the time of the collapse of the empire, there were at least 2-10-s aces, right up to the Colonel Kazakov smogshego shoot down 32 German aircraft. He managed to naschelkat them in just one year! Means successfully developed the Royal Air Force. And as it should, it was necessary to take the time in the rear of the Democrats, liberals and other internal enemies?

The Revolution, who stole a victory

The Russian front. The year 1916 was very successful for the Royal Army

The main problem of the empire does not represent a revolutionary range of different color different politi
cal directions from the Cadets to the Bolsheviks, which I referred to would not have the range and the mob, and a good and intelligent last ruler. Our homeland is always needed in a harsh king. If thrashes means love. It is known not only does not matter what the woman, and the whole of civilization as a whole. Our homeland — a country of sadomasochism. This is the essence of her great-eroticism. The governor Ivan intimidated all Oprichnina to perdition, but to this day a monument to him stands St. Basil's Cathedral on Red Square. A good son of his — Fyodor Ivanovich — nothing remembers. Peter stately head chopped personally musketeers on the same Red Square and is considered a prominent figure — the luckiest Russian reformer. And his son — Alex — perished in the fortress under mysterious circumstances before the end. No one is appropriate and exciting.

The Revolution, who stole a victory

If Nicholas II dubbed Bloody, then earned a nickname all his European contemporaries of these official

Nicholas II, his victorious enemies nicknamed Blood. Well, whatever it bloody? It is in no one's own life, not counting crows and the rest of the little beasts, not kill him. It's all his "bloody" act! The war gave? It does not only he was alone. There's a whole company, made up of so called "European Concert". In general it is not clear who first started the war and who incited anyone! Then justly venerable nickname Bloody need to set all the high-ranking contemporaries of the last king. And writing — British Prime Minister Lloyd George Blood, the first Lord of the Admiralty Winston Churchill Blood. (Does not it enough that you, the people ruined a 2-global wars, and of personally shoot a gun during the colonial punitive expeditions?) Lord of the Bloody George V, who allowed 2-these murderers to the highest positions. Etc. on the list: William the Bloody II, Franz Joseph II Bloody, Raymond Poincare Blood — French President … God, how much this Poincare French people because of the German-speaking Alsace Lorraine to send out to the light! And German too. And for what? Now, both France and Germany in the EU is still in an embrace. Whether it was necessary to make "lost" an entire generation, transforming it into the trenches in the skull, gnawed by rats to perfect whiteness and smoothness?

To better understand the situation of the Russian Empire the other day February revolution, I will allow the same Churchill quote from his book "The World Crisis": "No one country fate was not so cruel as to Russia. Her ship went down, when the harbor was in sight. All the victims had been brought in, all the work is completed … long retreat ended, slug defeated hunger, weapons flowed a broad stream, more powerful, more countless, better equipped army guarding the large front, rear assembly points were crowded with people. Alekseev ran the army and Kolchak — Fleet. In addition, no serious action is no longer needed: to remain in office, a weary load of pressure on the widely stretched German band, detain, without showing special activity, weakening the enemy on their own front, in other words — keep, that's all that stood between Russia and the fruits of a common victory … In March, the governor was on the throne, Russian Empire and the Russian army is kept, the front was secured and the victory was unquestionable. "

The Revolution, who stole a victory

Winston Churchill

I think no worse than those of Churchill, who wished to remove the time of Nicholas II from power, to understand the situation. After the victory of the autocracy would only become stronger. None of the plans of the Russian liberals who wanted to limit the power of the ruler on the British standard, nor the global experience of the Bolsheviks would not be out of the question. Country has undergone a bifurcation point. Nerves were strained to the maximum. Then the internal enemies of the empire decided to press on the most vulnerable point in the system of autocracy — for most of Nicholas II.

We used to hear that the last government was a weak ruler. But it is not. Try at least once at the level of thinking to take his place. In 1917 came on March 20 for the third year of his reign. Today's presidential "run out of steam" for a maximum of two terms. In Nicholas II it was converted to the presidential already the fifth time! And the ruler of the problem is not solved, like the financial crisis in Greece, but really difficult. He had the Russian-Japanese war, the revolution of 1905, the first global. Terror headed for the SR peak. Neither the Minister nor the generals, nor the head of the empire were not convinced of their own security. But Nicholas was held! And built battleships, developed army reform. It was quite weak man!

But first, 1917, everything was against him. Duma opposition tried to work through the coming environment Nikolai II, you want to assure him to appoint a so-called "responsible government" — in other words the cabinet, which would not have picked up the ruler and the parliament. This was the so called "conspiracy stately princes" — specifically through them later executed by the Bolsheviks, tried to put into the ears of the autocrat idea. The murder of Rasputin — only just visible branch of the apical komplota. The elder killed majestic Duke Dmitri Pavlovich and the deputy Purishkevich. The king was deprived of his last energy donor.

The revolution was planned as a coup attempt from the top. Its true secret inspirations — the head of the military committee of the Duma Gutchkoff, a favorite of Cadets Milukov and chairman of the Duma Rodzyanko — hoping that everything is confined malehankih commotion. Pobuntuet people in Petrograd, the governor shall deny the young prince Alexei fails no matter what influence, and in Russia they will reign dear heart the oligarchical "democracy."

But it turned out not because it was dreamed. Revolutionaries and the Bolsheviks very much fueled revolutionary boiler bottom — just like the devil in hell. Nicholas II, who, contrary to expectations, renounced not only for themselves, and for Alexis, which violated, by the way, the laws of the Russian Empire. His brother, Mike refused to accept the scepter. The country was temporarily favorite. And there was war all against all. It turned out that, as in the XIX century, warned Nikolai Gogol: "General failure — whether Monsieur forgets its own citizen and renounce it or subject forgets his own monarch, and from him forsake."

In our own days are remembered, who broke all the same temporary railway message that caused the bread queues in Petrograd. It was a mild bureaucrat of the Ministry of Railways — Yuri Lomonosov — bellied zhiznelyubets and companion Duma deputy Bublikava. After a few days of each other two with a group of criminals to take over the ministry in person. Lomonosov, by the way, was a friend to the same Lenin! After the October Revolution, it will appoint an authorized CPC for the purchase of locomotives abroad. Dies in London! In vain were that February dispensed with the Bolsheviks. They, too, were among shake the foundations and browsing support!

Yuri Lomonosov

And finally, another quote from Churchill: "According to the superficial fashion of our time, the royal regime decided to treat as a blind, rotten, no matter what is not capable of despotism. But the analysis of 30 months of the war with Germany and Austria had to fix these lightweight performance. Force of Russian Empire, we can measure the impact that it has met on disasters that she experienced at the inexhaustible forces that it has developed, and to restore the forces to which it was capable of. "

The only thing that could not withstand the giant, is a blow to the back. Want to defeat autocracy, and overpowered themselves.

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