The Revolution?

The Revolution?The reason for writing so thought was a series of recent articles and comments posted as of this web site, and others. A "trigger" — sure, A. Samsonov article about the ghost world turmoil.

After listing, in general, well-known facts, Samsonov or knowingly makes any conclusions to avoid being branded a conservative or a rebel, or indeed does not see ways to counter the approaching danger of the collapse of the country. The latter is obvious it is not clear, since man, believes that it is best shrouded and crawl to the cemetery, is unlikely to be wasting time in front of computers.

And only two conclusions: either change the existing system of its conservation. All other options (liberalization, the election of governors, a one-man power or the power of individuals, etc.) — this is the form of the — less. The choice, quite frankly, a poor and other public lands not devised. Because let's think about which of these ways is preferable for our country.

I'll start with the second. Niskolechko no doubt as to who will overcome in the coming elections, but vote for the GDP, of course, I will not. What's on, what will change in my life and the lives of my kids on what the governor elect (if they choose) is the former manager of LUKOIL, Rosneft and former manager?

At times, particularly gifted representatives of the mysterious profession — a political scientist or a more understandable to us (in the sense of the name) economists such as Gaidar and Kudrin or municipal figures such as broadcast Medvedev us that big business, earning (?) Many funds were pricked and will do much good (and not rob ) of citizens, in which he "earned". I do not know of such examples (handouts to heal the ailing child, when the sum of its healing is much less pay table, broadcasting of the "noble" act of journalists — do not count.) So expect that we will have as well as in the well-fed either Europe or America, is not necessary. Well, judging by recent events, not all there safely. And if so, then put yourself in the place of the current government, which is an integral part of these managers. Whose interests will it protect? Yes, their first. Therefore a bastion of democracy — the United States — not introduced a tax on the rich. And if they can not, our oligarchs and certainly not allow. Because as much as you can, so many will "push". That's why reducing the army and reinforce the explosives. Specifically to create an "army of corporations." With all of this, even if the rebellion breaks out, which fail to put down cash safety anchor for "hill" is for everyone. We did not have time to Chubais, nor Kudrin grab. And if would have taken, who are we to return what they have taken out. But, the longer we endure them, the harder it will have to our descendants.

Therefore I think that the first path preferable. It can not be called normal, and the word "revolution" continues to be pejorative, but on the basis of the above, the candidates with her. A revolution — not always the rebellion. Not enough people know that in February 1948 the Communists in Czechoslovakia came to power not because our troops were there (they were not there), as well as their support people. And this lasted power 20 years old, exactly how much our segodnyaschy. Do not lead the troops of the USSR, perhaps, at this point would be Czechoslovakia, only transformed the Chinese standard. Although the deployment of troops is also understandable. Very much blood was given us the victory, and the horror of modern war has long and rightly hung heavy burden on our control.

What good reason is the fact that craving for democracy by bombing was not born yesterday. Now its just too much to contain some. Let us remember the story. The requirements that were put forward first of all social revolutions were economic, and later moved into the political.

And most people do not care, the name of a favorite — Putin or Stalin. Most importantly, to his ideas, and more importantly — act expressed the interests of the majority. If Putin tomorrow instead of public straschaniya elektrozhulikov nationalize major industries and natural monopolies, strangle bandit clans in Chechnya and will clean more "honest" siloviki and furniture craftsmen, not including Nemtsov and Novodvorskaia on Bolotnaya Square are just gay and lesbian couple really unselfish leaders culture to which I refer people like Shevchuk, to which, by the way, treat with respect. I can assure you that in this case they will not appear in the middle of, say, NS Mikhalkov which though a gentleman, but immediately remembers that his dad wrote a hymn of the USSR. Yes, that's bad, do not do that Putin've mentioned above reason. Because only hope for one thing. Our homeland is not impoverished heads, and find a person who will be able to lead a more conscious and thinking part of our citizens.

I think that there are such people. On the days of one of the commentators said, a very great and ordinary words: "We started out with the kids, we teach them to love my country and help them to understand the world, and to support them in difficult times." In the context of the article and the comments I realized that this man has the concept of right and wrong, in my opinion, correct. I am sure that every day or we will have more.

PS A Marsh and Sakharov authorities adhered to. Clowns, on the podium of it as a means to give, steam is released, and a rally on the Sparrow, which says really harsh things, just shut up.

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