The revolutionary confrontation in the Middle East: what assumptions?

The revolutionary confrontation in the Middle East: what are the reasons?2011 will be remembered by a series of unexpected and paranormal revolutions in the Near East countries. The script such uprisings always repeats itself: the social development of completely safe country at one point rising tide of discontent, the government is charged with acting in the economic sin, and the power runs across to new people. In this newly formed government or outright Islamist, or perineum (in other words, designed to cover up, and soon they will change all of the same Islamist favorites).

Experts are not able to realize what is still the cause of similar actions, and who is behind it all. They believe that all the planned and professionally carried out with the help of special services, alluding to the United States. With all this, analysts cite as an example the destruction of Russian Union. Of course, one can imagine that scenario was prepared by the same people. But there has to be some motive …

During the Soviet era, America was the 1st of measured potential enemy. So Makar, the military industrial complex got a lot of funds to finance its own activities. War was not provided, and the world is divided into spheres of influence. Logically, to maintain such balance needed to fully support friendly relations. However, some South American politics had about another world. In the end — the destruction of the Union, and to the South American government stood up again the question: If there is not even possible opponents, then why devote so much money for the maintenance of the military industry?

The most correct way out of this situation would be to restore Russian Union. But in practice this is not so simple. Our homeland in every possible way to express their love and reverence States, but vorachivatsya in the past had no desire. Rebuild anew superpower no one was going, and is a South American military department could completely lose their funding. It is logical that the Americans nervous. This accounts for their invasion of the country of the Islamic countries.

At present, practically no hesitation that the September 11 attack in 2001, had a very non-Muslims, because it was the only result of the invasion of the Afghan countryside and a change of government, and the redistribution of the drug business areas together with a significant increase in the production of opiates. It is clear that the sale of drugs involved and the South American military, previously such acts have taken place to be (at the time of the Vietnam War). At first it seemed that the military intervention was carried out in the interests of the drug mafia. But these steps were forced to think about other causes.

Official Washington is trying to build in the Middle East, the liberal democratic zone. For all this his actions he regards as fair imposition of freedom and democracy. But, as the question of the public interest, values immediately fade.
In 2003, the U.S. government conspired to liberate Iraqis from Saddam Hussein. But only here is unclear — for what? It was assumed that the entire premise is oil. But eventually began plainclothes war, which can flare up with the latest in strength as the South American troops leave the country. A war, as you know, has a bad effect on the development of at least some business. Skeptics have suggested that war was started in the interests of the Iraqi rivals. But a similar version does not hold water. South American military has not sunk to the order to go to the mercenaries to neftetorgovtsam.

Again and again, the only result of the democratic states of the United States in the Islamic world was the loss of stability, and therefore — and the civilians of the war, and the impoverishment of the civilian population. As you know, where poverty is born — there is born religious. The relative order in the Middle East countries hold only thanks to the South American military presence. But as only they leave the confines of these countries will necessarily come to power constructively minded Islamists.

From all of this stems entirely logical conclusion: his invasion of the Islamic world America is trying to find a worthy adversary for its own military-industrial complex.

In 2010, when the world economic crisis broke out, the U.S. was on the verge of default. Barack Obama has offered the most usual, in his view, a way out — a tax increase for a comfortable part of the population. But this idea had the support and the only thing left to do — is to cut spending.

And as America's main items are cost-efficient financing programs from military and social services, it becomes clear why so alarmed military. The fact is that in the States any arrears of social benefits are fraught with severe consequences, including racial contradictions. Because we had to reduce spending on the military sphere. At the moment, the South American military leave of all previously occupied states, leaving a tense situation, ready at any moment to grow up in a war.

And just after the economic cuts in the one or the other Middle Eastern states began flashing weird protest. Political and financial situations lead to power constructively minded Islamists, and more likely outcome in the near future may be the creation of a single Islamic Front, from Iraq to Egypt, especially if NATO still dare to invade the countryside in search of Iranian nuclear weapons (under the same pretext was unleashed war in Iraq).

The conclusion forced upon one: in order to keep the economical means, as the South American military can be faster needs a strong enemy. While the lack of funds, it was only on certain hot spots, but as only appeared on the horizon, the prospect of saving — formed Islamist area. It is clear that U.S. intelligence ties to terrorists survived since the days of working together. And although the military forces of these countries are small, but terror groups are numerous and well-organized. Because wage war can be very long, using all this artillery and languid — bombs and troops. In any case, the other contenders for the role of the "enemy" in America at this time is not.

If South American military will assure everyone that the world is on the verge of a global war, then the military-industrial complex will be able to fully rely on cheap money. And that was not unhappy about the economy, the social sphere, the terrorists always possible to agree on the organization of several bombings in public places, schools seizures and crashes in the metro. After such a development the South American army will be eligible for a full-scale war in the Middle East, and South American populations of the peace there is nothing for it but to save. At the end of military operations — humanitarian mission. And again, all the money in the military industry. As we see, the scheme obscene ordinary.

So Makarov, U.S. policy in the Near East countries — it is a conflict between economic benefits and moral values. A mission of America — all just a good excuse for their own interests.

Although now a major opponent of the U.S. military are terrorists, "Al-Qaeda", we must not forget that this organization has been formed and developed with the active support of America.

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