The revolutionary party is played, or all the same show must go on?

The phrase "let the genie out of the bottle" because of a string of recent developments in the geopolitical arena is in need of some reformation. After all, most often in the bottle and the genie, then no no, but that's another disturbing its contents brains zabugornyh powers. In the middle of the content may be in-1's, harsh hydrocarbon supplies, in-2, the right conditions for the spread of the new "democratic" values with simultaneous elimination of the existing municipal favorite. Often, enthusiasm and causes the first and second substance. In this case, the genie in the bottle must first run, and later release, pulling for the desired strings tied to his "head", "pens" and "legs". And then to pay tribute to the apologists of controlled chaos that can not just let the genie in the bottle, and the issue is so beautiful that the inside of the vessel begins a large-scale response, amuses creators.

The revolutionary party is played, or is it a show must go on?

Adequate people have long managed to see that any "Arab revolution'Not just ruled out, but also was designed to service the external interests. If we talk about Tunisia — that is, shall we say, a pen test for global action in the region. The Egyptian revolution has come in handy to completely demoralize the army of half a million of the country, capable of up to 2011 puzzles to solve very harsh in the region. The current confusion and vacillation in Egyptian politics once again proves that if any of the Egyptians, and was in fact the goal of regime change in the country, this goal was obviously not on the same path to those who organized the coup. West was necessary not just to remove from his post Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali and Hosni Mubarak, and clear the way directly to the Libyan oil, so that none of the states neighboring Libya has failed to prevent the NATO operation. After all, the same Egyptian army could be presented fairly unsafe formation of the United States and NATO. And who knows, like Mubarak behaved during NATO operations against Gaddafi, if Mubarak remained on his own presidency.

Because you can read that Mubarak and Ben Ali — it's just fallen trees, which made it difficult to open the main road to the wells of Libya. As proof of this, we litsezreem as it is now the West completely do not care about what is happening in Tunisia and Egypt, but there is a case before the Libyan oil production sector. Egypt, in fact, already hit by the post-revolutionary skating rink, which is to run — started, and oh so stop it — and now no one knows. "Democratic" triumph of the Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamic radicals in the elections tongued shows that "there is no revolution at the end," even more so in that revolution, which is organized from abroad.

Now West trying to clear the way for new oil wells — in Iran. Here are a few tried outright acts of ways.

In 1-x, the criticism of trying to obtain nuclear weapons. Well, remember, as Colin Powell once shook the assembled test tube with a phony anthrax produced Tipo on hidden factories of Saddam Hussein. Now it's time to Mrs. Clinton's climb to the podium and shake "probnichkom" of the atomic bomb, which, on the views of "progressive" world's population, already with Ahmadinejad.

In-2, the removal of the way even the 1st ingrown into the soil municipal worker, which may confuse the West all the cards in his own promotion to the Iranian oil fields. That person is Bashar al-Assad. Here, too, the West does not skimp on its proven methodologies. Under the guise of saving the genie of the opposition, which is the right moment to be released in Syria has long been kept out thousands of militants. These militants stubbornly try to present as eager democratic change Syrian people. Although, according to the data coming from Syria, in the midst of "peaceful" opposition is increasingly possible to see those who are induced by rocket-propelled grenades "democratic order" in Libya and using machines in Tahrir Square.

Ultimately, the disposition for today is this: from the east lies the road to Iran through Afghanistan, which is still some time the Yankees will springboard, in the west — in general everything is fine, except for the position of all of the same inappeasable Assad, from the South — South American fleet in the Arabian Sea and the Persian Gulf, and from the north — Azerbaijan, which is powered parables about the origin on a world map of the Great Azerbaijan in case of "positive" solution to the Iranian issue. Iran is almost taken in the ring at which X may start interlock. And then — just like on the thumb … bloody, but victorious war for the West while obtaining full control over Iranian oil. Only now, perhaps, hardly States will begin to compression of the ring. Now, if Israel started, or anyone else … — maybe. But for the U.S., which stand on the threshold of a new presidential election, the invasion of Iran can not go in the coming future.

By the way, the West continues to hold in the mind and the hypothetical change of power in Russia after the March 4, 2012. After saying that the Ukrainian Orange revolution, after which the authorities have turned President — it's not just genrepetitsiya before Russian project, and also to clear the way from the west to the borders of Russia. But with Ukraine to the West somehow it all went wrong. While the "orange" sentiment with western monetary support appeared in Russia — Ukraine, these sentiments have already significantly poutihnut. This time "orange" gap played a cruel joke with the plans for the ultimate democratization of the Russian Federation to obtain control over its oil and gas.

In the end, all the pieces have taken on the global board of its limit positions, and venture into the main run West can not yet. Apparently, these GMs wait for errors competitor. A rival, had already managed to grasp the essence of western games, and hardly will allow themselves to be mistaken. Games played? It's time to arrange the pieces knit, and again e2-e4? ..

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