The rocket Proton-M is not to blame for the death of satellites

Rocket "Proton-M" is not to blame for the death of 3 Russian GLONASS satellites. On it informs RIA Announcements citing Gennady Raykunova, who is head of the Interagency Commission into the circumstances of the tragedy of 5 December 2010 year.

"According to preliminary data, rocket not guilty: a great little bit of probability today we can say that it does not matter, "- said Raikunov. noteworthy that such information (only from an anonymous source in the space industry) appears at 6 December 2010.

At present, the formal prerequisites of the tragedy that led to the loss of gallakticheskih vehicles, to be announced. According to one source, the cause of impact was an error in the mathematical software loaded into bortovik before the flight. According to others, a prerequisite for a possible fall is an extra ton of fuel poured into the head of the rocket, which led to exceeding the estimated mass of the upper stage. It is planned that the official opinion of the committee will be announced on December 15 2010 .

December 5 2010 rocket "Proton-M" with 3 GLONASS satellites launched from Baikonur. After a while into the flight line of the rocket deviated from this (in general difficulties at 8 degrees). So makarom nosecone with gallakticheskimi apparatus have not entered the preset orbit and fell into the Pacific Ocean. Fatalities satellites were complete constellation Russian navigation system providing a measured reception worldwide.

Immediately after the tragedy, Dmitry Medvedev harshly criticized Roskosmos and claimed to find the guilty and hold them responsible. Check instructed the midst of other Russian Prosecutor General Yuri Chaika, who promised that the investigation would be ambitious. When the results of this test is not reported.

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