The shooting of the dogs in the military unit in Toxovo

The shooting of the dogs in the military unit in ToxovoThe military prosecutor's office of the St. Petersburg garrison checks on the application of animal advocates about the mass extermination of dogs in the village Toxovo Vsevolozhskogo district. Killed four-legged yet only recently "served in the military" — guarded warehouses of military unit 42289, but in May they were removed from the allowance and sent to "resign". After that tailed watchmen were languishing without work in the woods not far from his own former duty station, where they were built special enclosures. The soldiers and local residents fed animals.

The failure came on Saturday night, as they say animal rights in the face of the unit commander Major Eugene Mityashin. NIGHT MODE late he came to the village of Toxovo Kirillovskoe, where, in fact, part of it is housed, and made hunting defenseless animals.

The officer fired at the dogs with a shotgun, masterfully shot from close range, because their chances of survival in fact there was, say defenders of animals. Of the 10 only one dog miraculously managed to escape from the cell and escape, two dogs were languishing injured, but thanks to the intervention of those who survived.

About how ordinary rescued scutes, "Free Press," the president said in St. Petersburg charity "friend" Andrei Volkov.

— How did you hear about the massacre?

— One lady who parked half a year back to us puppies, called and said that her friend, who lives in Toxovo (about 30 km from St. Petersburg), told her about the mass execution of dogs at a local military unit. Dogs these previously protected area of this most part, but were written off in May, and they were removed from the allowance. Friend of the caller, which is about all this and told, worked in this part of the cynologist, precisely, unit commander of dogs — the so-called right of its position. She worked until the end of May. From her we learned all the details.

— What exactly is she told?

— She told that on the night of August 27 (it was a Saturday), the commander of the Toxovo came in with a shotgun and shot seven dogs. Section itself is in the village Kirillovskoe, and Toxovo placed warehouses that these dogs and guarded. Major brought his deputy at three o'clock. But under the cover of darkness, and the officer arranged for the massacre: seven out of 10 animals were mercilessly killed, two were seriously wounded, and only one managed to escape. In general, when we arrived on the scene, the spectacle we became really strshnoe — in one of the wounded dog was literally turned upside down the entire right side faces, upper and lower jaw smashed. Look creepy. In the clinic, where animal produced later viewing, we have confirmed that the shot with a shotgun. During the operation, — the dog's jaw had to collect in parts — learned a few pellets.

— How you managed to pick up the dogs?

— It can be said, the whole adventure. On Monday afternoon, I got on the phone with an employee, manager of the charity fund "right to life" Svetlana Elk, and we went to Toxovo. There we were already expecting Galina, last of the canine, which led us to the place. It must be said that the cages are part of the territory, in the woods, well, almost 100 meters. They are not fenced, next — a tree house, where the dogs were preparing food. At every cell, as expected, — a plate with a nickname. Galina told us a fascinating history: it appears at first to the balance of the parts were delivered elite Shepherd puppies, which were obtained from the nursery service dog. But these puppies sold, and instead took up their ordinary mongrels. Guard duty they carried a fine, but to call them the official, well, does not. One can imagine that for this change, and they paid the price. Frame unit commander wanted to exterminate the dogs back in May, but did not found the perpetrators, and here he shot all.

— And what is your "outing" ended?

— Oh, and drove us a few journalists with the fifth channel, after all, that was filmed with a camera, they are arranged in a web. So that's when we got to the forest trails cages, we found there 2-fighter with buckets and mops. They seem to have given the team zamyt traces, as the bodies of animals had already been removed. We also found a 2-there the wounded dogs: one — in the box, the other — in-house kitchen. Realize what fate awaited them was not hard — there and then lay a shovel and two axes. We took the dogs and started to move away, then one of the soldier ran off somewhere. I have moved the brain: at the moment will be pursued. And really … I see us soon overtake five soldiers, in front of the two — axes. Began to shout: "Here, the band gap! No entry! ". "Well, what a band gap? — I ask. — There is no fence, no prohibitive character, too. " Trample them, we behold the nine people (5 men and four ladies), turned around and reversed. We loaded the dogs into the car and immediately took them to vetkliniku.

— For a law to be continued?

— We wrote a letter to the military prosecutor's office, told about what we know, and beheld, and asked to inspect and punish the guilty. Responded, it must be said quickly. Almost one and a half hours after the statements by us military prosecutor had ordered an assistant to visit the area. At the moment, There is a large team of investigators, interview people. Which here is the bottom line?

— Major, do not understand, questioned?

— When Toxovo investigators arrived, he was in St. Cyril — it is about 100 kilometers away. Rushed his deputy, the one which NIGHT MODE brought him to kill dogs.

— You hope that the guilty be punished?

— I would like to believe. However, Article 245 of the Criminal Code, on which to draw for the fierce appeal to animals, we did not work. About a month back we found the under one of the bridges in the center of town bags, in what had been a dog skull, bones, and skin. You see, we uttered the prosecutor: "And how do you justify that the murder was committed? Maybe they died. " Well, yes, themselves died themselves off the skin removed. It turns out that a criminal case be opened against the monsters have unrealistic. The military prosecutor also scratching his head: "I do not know how to be here? What to bring? '.

— But there is another version of replacement animals from greedy judgments?

— But if somehow establishes that the major function in order to conceal the theft, then yes, maybe. And if not, then I do not know what will happen. Although the issue is something fundamentally: it is a question of principle is very representative of a profession. All this so you can not leave because we are at the moment will be connected to the story and the Committee of Soldiers' Mothers, and the deputies of the State Duma.

In the Western military environment, meanwhile, say that about any shooting dogs and can be no question.

"All the 10 dogs that were previously in the military section in Toxovo in May due to an inability to provide decent accommodation and meals were relocated to another part where put on rations," — said the news agency 47News spokesman Commander of the Western Military District Andrei Bobrun . At the moment, he said, all of these 10 dogs "in good health are on the ground of a military unit, with all the relevant documents."

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