The sun will rise 22 DECEMBER or what will happen December 21, 2012

Our beloved Creators, we are founders, welcome!

Pleasure and honor to speak with you today. We are sending you this message just seven months before the end of the era, which officially ended on 21 December 2012. In our publications and in the workshops we have reported various details of this transition. For those who are not familiar with our work and the work of our channel, allow to highlight a few things that will be useful for understanding what is happening as we approach the day of the solstice in December.

Most of our readers are familiar with the various prophecies about this time. There are many options, many differences in detail, as to what will happen. First of all, let me assure you that the end of the world on December 21 will not occur.
We do not see and the three days of darkness, as predicted in some prophecies. The sun will rise on December 22 and will be held in the sky by the normal trajectory. In other words, your planet is spinning on its axis at the same rate and with the same slope as the Earth's axis, plus or minus a few nanoseconds or nanogradusov.

The sun will rise in the east, and sits on the west. Day 22 December will have the same duration in days (approximately) as on December 22 in previous years. Apparently not too many changes will be apparent. However, there will be a significant change, and that can be measured.

Major changes will occur within you. You are, by nature, electromagnetic beings. A transition on December 21 is an electromagnetic phenomenon. This way, you will feel a significant impact of sharp fluctuations of the electromagnetic field surrounding the earth and penetrate into it. This field as you already may know forms an elliptical convex trajectory around the Earth passing through the so-called "lines of force", which have the same effect. These lines of force are concentrated along what is commonly called "leylinii" and intersect at a point called "Vortex" (energy vortices).


For three days, from 20 to 22 December, the planet will align its axis with respect to the area, which is near the center of the galaxy, where large quasars emit a "scalar electromagnetic pulse." These pulses enter the Earth's poles are distributed along leyliny and places crystalline vortex, and eventually reach all parts of the world. As the scalar input pulses into the Earth, will decrease the polarity of the traditional electromagnetic field. According to our estimates, during the transition, the magnetic field will be reduced by 40%. This means, for example, that the North Magnetic Pole is much weaker than usual, and this can lead to problems with navigational equipment.

We call for three days near the end of the period (20, 21 and 22 December), "Portal of Transition." This is because the impact of scalar electromagnetic pulse has the effect of opening the portal to the higher dimensions. You can also call it the "Stargate", if you will. Can understand this as the opening passage of time allows a much higher frequency to penetrate the Earth plane.

The physics of this event is too complex to explain it in this article, it is based on a principle similar to the principle of a tunnel diode. Accurate study of mathematics fields of zero and non-linear equations of the vector is designed for those of you who are engaged in science. As for the rest, let's explore the probabilistic scenarios that will unfold for you as you progress through the Shift.

How can people prepare for the transition?

The first thing you notice as you approach the "portal to go," is that everything will seem expanded or enhanced. Positive and negative thoughts, feelings will be felt much more than usual.

Our channel is often asked the question: "What is the most important thing a person can do to prepare for the passage of" portal transition "?" We want to tell you that the most important thing is to improve the quality of your mind, because as you get closer to the transition, the impact of what you say, think, feel and do, will increase in the hundreds, if not thousands of times, depending on the intensity of your effort. In other words, if you are stuck in a state of fear, you have to go to "site transfer" experience, full of fear. If you focus on the love and service, then you will be in a positive state.

The portal is like a crystal. He is an amplifier that is placed in it.

The portal is not the cause of your life experience, it is only a framework for your experience. Your free choice determines how you pass Go. It is time to wake up for those of you who chose the revival in accordance with the freedom of choice. "Portal transition" will act like a giant catapult, supportive and push you forward in your awakening. Almost every soul that had come in for a session of our channeling came the period of its rapid growth in line with its development schedule. Such a phase of rapid growth coincides with the entry into the "portal transition." This means that the month of December this year — a good time to make important decisions in your life. This is a time of sowing seeds and harvesting your soul journey on Earth. In other words, beloved Creators, you complete your training.

Spiritual and psychological explanation of the Transition

You move to a new way of being, and beloved Mother Earth moves with you. Together, you climb into the higher frequencies of Light. Those who move into fourth density vibrations, will remain with the Earth, because the Earth is a planet fourth density. As for those who are at the forefront of awakening, some of you will be able to go to the fifth density measurement (ascension of the Crystal light body). Most of the ascended prefer to remain on Earth to help the souls of the fourth dimension in the construction of the Golden Age on Earth.

This article is written for those souls that are moving with the Earth in the fourth density measurement, and those who follow the path of the Ascension in the Light of the crystalline body. Once you open up for the higher frequency Light of showering on the planet, these energies will show everything that does not conform to the new way of life on the planet Earth.

In other words, all your negative programs, living conditions, belief systems, unresolved negative emotions, judgment, guilt, denial, and the identification of the "I" with the ego in general, come to the surface to be healed. Our channel uses the metaphor: "You can no longer keep the skeletons in his closet. All the secrets come out. "

During the transition, you should feel a great love and full acceptance of the "I" and all of its parts, especially a small human ego, which is easy to fall into fear and resist change.

Rather than kill his ego, or pretend that it does not exist, you must work with him to help him adapt to the rapid changes. At the same time, you have to be steadfast and not let it control you. Do you have a saying, 'The ego can make a man of great servant but a bad master. " Remind your ego often and strongly that the Spirit to answer for everything. Order the ego to be quiet, watch, watch, listen, and to be present with the changes.

As you go through the "Portal of transition", you'll probably feel a lot of feelings in our physical bodies, often referred to as "Ascension symptoms." This may be a tingling, hot flashes or chills, not associated with menopause, dizziness, fitful sleep, a feeling of boundless energy in one day and its absence on the next, a significant change in the perception of time, symptoms similar to the flu in the absence of the virus, and more.

Since we can not recommend to you, treat you to a doctor or not, we urge you to investigate any symptoms that you may experience. Pay close attention to what is going on in your energy body. Use any form of spiritual or psychic protection, effective for you. In the process of transition from regular practice of meditation, yoga or accessible forms of exercises, healing practice. Share their feelings and experiences with other souls walking the same path.

In addition to the spiritual and psychological processes that transition is, in the world there are many other processes. To help you understand the external changes, let us describe three parallel realities of Earth.


In our written materials, we are deeply and thoroughly consider the process of difference of the time lines of the Earth. As you go through the portal of souls, their dominant mind will work to "strengthen" and "strengthening" of their collective creations, known as "the dominant time line." Then, these timelines will diverge as projections, coming out of the portal in three clearly defined areas. Now let's summarize the three dominant time line, taking place in the world, and represent some of the details related to the prospects of mankind in the coming years. They are called "three parallel Earth," because, in terms of non-linear time, they exist at the same time as three different realities, depending on the terms of the perceiver. For simplicity, we call these three timelines Earth globes third, fourth and fifth density.

Earth is the third-density includes a "normal" reality. This plan consists of the representatives of humanity who simply refuse to wake up, those who continue to believe in the philosophy: "The winner is the one with the most toys", those who continue to be involved in a war, competition, hoarding, control, manipulation and suppression of others, etc. In this world there is persecutors and victims, rulers and slaves, rich and poor, and so on. Those who are locked into the duality of light and darkness, good and bad, right and wrong. Also included are those human beings who are engaged primarily survival, procreation and the needs of his ego. As we said in one of his books, the members of the human community can work all week, and then spend the weekend, buying countless consumer products and devices for entertainment to fill their inner emptiness. This emptiness arises because they refuse to recognize the presence of higher levels of your being. They become slaves to the insatiable demands of his ego — more and more, more and more. This group is about £ 3/4 of the total population.

Earth fourth density reality encompasses enlightened human beings. This plan includes those in tune with Mother Earth, who honors and respects its laws, values human evolution is higher than material achievements. People fourth density evolve with the earth and will be conductors on the New Earth. Their original structure will be enlightened, self-sufficient spiritual community. They will develop their own resources, separating themselves from the world of distribution systems. They will no longer power the endangered system of profit and manipulation. They form a community-supported environment, based on the use of wind, water and sun, as well as natural electromagnetism. They themselves will grow vegetables and fruits using organic materials, will create yourself clothing, etc. They will not give up on technology, but will use them for the common good, without getting influenced by them and dependent on them.

Earth is the fifth density includes reality ascended beings of light. This is the realm of creatures who love, capable of compassion and service to others are high. They will evolve beyond mortal human form and will not be subject to the laws of more entropy, chaos of the material world. In other words, their spiritual consciousness will continually recharge and refresh their bodies to the point where they cease to grow old, get sick and worn out.

Considering all these three realities — the time line, we see something like this in the distribution percentage of people in these states: third density — 74%, the fourth density — 25%, the fifth density is less than 1%.

As we move into the fourth density Earth (that is, with increasing vibration) to those who are in the third density will be more and more difficult to stay here. In the end, they will leave their bodies and reincarnate in third density worlds created for their souls got there lessons they wish to receive. Earth is no longer a planet, which could come renegades or "lazy" Soul and bring misfortune. If there are souls who want to start a war or control others, will create other planets to ensure these souls that they wish to experience. Mother Earth has completed these lessons. For the next 1020 years, virtually all of the war on Earth will cease. We predicted that the last big war will end around 2015.

But this is not to say that the way the world would be easy for the Earth. Many souls here have a very strong ego, which has a strong resistance to spiritual development. Many of those who are in the illusion of power, not easily give the illusion of power. Keep in mind that those who believe that they are under control, give power to the people who believe that they are the ones who hold the control of the other, separated by that illusion of the oppressor and the oppressed. In other words, if you think that you can control any force other than yourself, then you show it to some extent in your life. Many of you came to Earth to experience both sides of this drama in order to fully understand the feelings such as powerlessness and helplessness. Now you are called to overcome, to surpass the drama of duality and removing the suit oppressor or oppressed. When you rent this costume, you invite others to do the same.


Dear Creators, we just briefly presented our view of what is happening on your planet. We can not see every detail of the item, as it failed to do so, no seer or psychic. In your world, there is a mixture of free will and predestination. There are many forces that affect your world, most of which are unknown to you. Your task is to be as much as possible in the presence of the true, the spiritual "I", to use your insight and intelligence to best respond to the rapidly changing conditions in and around you.

As we move through the portal you will learn in chemto occurred radical, fundamental jump (shift). This may not be immediately obvious to those who refuse to wake up, but it is very real. You have sown the seeds of new life. We look forward to when we can share with you this new life as your can call it that — "senior mentors". We are the Founders.

Good day to you.

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