The Supreme Economic Court starts hearing on the complaint Avtoradio

Today, the Supreme Economic Court will review the complaint CEO "Autoradio" Yuri Bazan to the National Commission on Television and Radio, which by its order dated January 11, annulled the law "Autoradio" on the use of radio frequencies.

On January 12, ordered the National Commission on Television and Radio Transmitter "Autoradio" was removed and the radio stopped peradavanne. January 17 guide "Autoradio" filed a complaint with the Supreme Economic Court. The Court accepted the claim for consideration, and February 1, the first preparatory meeting is scheduled. General Director of "Autoradio" Yuri Bazan explains:

"According to the Procedure, at the preparatory meeting of the Parties will examine the submitted documents, the judge is looking at paperwork representatives, if necessary, in addition, has asked the necessary documents and appoint a date for consideration."

Are invited to attend both parties. As the Republican Commission is not a legal entity (this governing body, created by the Council of Ministers in the Ministry of Information), the court as a defendant will be attended by representatives of the Ministry.

According to the law "On Countering Extremist Activity" extremist materials can recognize only the court, and not an organ of communication …

In a letter to the Ministry of Information accused "Autoradio" in the "failure of the stated creative concept of the terrestrial teleradyeperadavannya, as well as in non-compliance with the law" On mass media ", which resulted in the dissemination of information on the air, which contains the public calls to extremist activity."

It does not indicate what specific information Minynfarm an extremist. Lawyer, vice-chairman BAJ Andrew Bastunets believes that it is absolutely illegal:

"According to the law" On Countering Extremist Activity "extremist materials can recognize only the court, and not an organ of communication. Only the court, and only after application to its Committee of State Security. And we have such a decision takes on the Republican Commission on Television and Radio."

General Director of "Autoradio" Yuri Bazan hopes for an objective examination of the case by the Supreme Economic Court:

"We were accused of spreading information, and there is no evidence, charged with violation of the concept and the evidence either. Moreover, there has arisen purely legal conflict. Normative act on the basis of which the Commission has taken a decision, can not be applied against us. "

According to the Economic Procedure Code, the case in the Supreme Economic Court may take up to two months.


Bastunets, Blaupunkt, Bazan

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