The Vatican is planning to recognize the independence of Kosovo

Catholic Archbishop of Belgrade Stanislav Hocevar said in an interview Sunday the Serbian newspaper "Politics" that the Vatican is planning to recognize the independence of Kosovo, proclaimed in 2008.


Telegrafistreports that although the Vatican and has no voice in the UN and other policy levers, it is still a structure with a huge influence in the world, including the political. The newly made Pope and the forces that came to power in the Catholic Church as a whole, in favor of strengthening Christianity in the world. Serbia, being a Christian country is also quite important for the Catholic Church. Failure to recognize the independence of Kosovo Albanians filled, shows a willingness to go against the United States Pope on important issues and to defend the rights of Christians.

"There is no indication that the Holy See will change its stance on Kosovo recognition"— Said the head of the Belgrade edition Catholics.

Kosovo Prime MinisterHashim ThaciDuring his visit to the Vatican on March 19 called for a new pope Francis recognize the independence of Kosovo. As stated in the report of the Government of Kosovo, Thaci attended the enthronement ceremony of the Pope and briefed him during an audience on"The progress made towards the establishment of the state of Kosovo."The reaction of the Vatican to the call while Thaci was not reported.

Albanian authorities in Kosovo, with the support of the United States and some European Union countries 17 February 2008 unilaterally declared independence from Serbia. To date, Kosovo independence recognized nearly 100 countries.

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