The weather did not spare the Russians: the south lit, Moscow and St. Petersburg was flooded, and in Siberia promise to freeze

Weather patterns are full of anomalies, and we already have the first victims. And blame the Sun — a thing of the liabilities.

Correspondent Vitaly Chashchukhin knew what would happen next:

A few hours ago this city streets would be impossible to find Tenek to take a break from the heat wave. Now — soaking wet roadway protect from the effects of rain, hail and hurricane. Nightmare all over Moscow: in the air shooting up construction fences, out of the blue car went into the water. The driver of the drying foreign cars had to stock up on a scoop — the car was almost drowned in a giant puddle.

Violent storm broke out in Moscow in the late evening. Not only is it possible, in buckets, so more and squally wind that threw hundreds of trees, billboards and banners. Element left without electricity suburbs, partly because of the broken wires were de-energized and the Podolsk Klimovsk. Blackout experienced even passengers metropolitan trains. Suburban trains fell after the contact network of the Yaroslavl station collapsed wind ripped metal shields. People also did not spare the bad weather — in the west of Moscow in passer struck by lightning. Another man, 82-year-old retiree, has suffered from the fall of the tree. But the worst thing could happen in Butovo — a gust of wind overturned it with a baby stroller.

The unprecedented storm changed debilitating heat and in St. Petersburg. In the city, like the white back the night — so strong was lightning. Weather Here, by contrast, was plunged into total darkness. More than 12,000 people were left without electricity.

Throughout the country — not the end of the world, of course, but the picture is ominous. Russia has traditionally been part of for this time of the year off. Volgograd region to fire nearly destroyed the village, people were evacuated in time. But in Rostov — in the burning forest killed a person. Novosibirsk on hurricane and in Krasnoyarsk, Abakan, Tyumen, Omsk and Tomsk in the middle of the summer waiting freezing.

Weather Map of Russia is literally dotted with different climatic anomalies. At the time, both on the European territory receives warm air masses in Siberia is the invasion of cold. Sounds strange, but it's all because the sun "bake" this summer, not so much.

Vadim Zavodchenkov leading specialist Meteorological Center:"The level of its activity is 2-3 times lower than in previous periods. We are now confronted with the phenomenon of a quiet sun, than it is. "

Sunbathe after a cold shower Capital Region residents will still be able, August promises warm, but the heat will cease to torment. In Siberia, too, will come more comfortable time, but in the coming days, there is not that kind of thing — the heating season early start would not hurt. The thermometer can drop to minus 6.

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