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TSAMTO, April 11. The results of the IX Olympiad for students of aviation. Since 2005, it is held annually branch of OJSC "Company" Sukhoi "- the Sukhoi Design Bureau in cooperation with the Moscow Aviation Institute (MAI), with the support of" dry ". 

According to the press service of the company "Sukhoi", this year has increased the scale of the event — twice increased the number of faculties participated in it MAI: 1st Faculty of MAI (aircraft equipment), third department (management, computer science and electricity) , 4th Department (aircraft electronics) and the 6th department (Aerospace). In total this year took part in the Olympic Games of 129 people.

The winners were awarded a prize Olympics — Certificate for preferential admission to the MAI and work in one of the divisions of the company "Sukhoi". It was first established by the so-called reserve certificate on which the target group, which trains professionals for "Dry" will be taken Contest participants have successfully completed the 1st semester.

The Olympiad was held in several stages. The first — round selection was a test tasks on aircraft and rocket engineering, mathematics, physics, and testing on the Russian language and specialized tasks for technical creativity. Of the 129 works of the tender committee, made up of employees of the Sukhoi Design Bureau leadership of the 1st, 3rd, 4th and 6th faculties MAI, has selected 59. By the second round the participants have developed their own designs of aircraft, electrical equipment, radar and sophisticated designs KCC wings for different types of aircraft. Of the papers submitted, 23 were recognized as the best on the faculty of aircraft, 7 — at the Faculty of Computer Science and Control Systems Electric Power, 1 — at the Department of Radio Electronics aircraft and 4 — at the Aerospace Department.

At the end of IX Olympiad MAI in the new academic year will open its doors to 35 students who Sukhoi Design Bureau, for its part, will make it possible to obtain high qualifications and become true professionals.

Conducting competitions for schoolchildren is part of the youth policy of "dry", aimed at the formation of a team of professionals that can effectively address the challenges facing the holding company in a highly competitive global aviation industry. Young professionals are needed for the implementation of current and future projects in the field of military and civil aviation.

Jubilee X Olympiad in aviation for students will take place in December 2013.

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