Today the European Union, for internal reasons not ready to economic sanctions

As you can appreciate the fact that the EU, in its decision refrained from imposing economic sanctions against the official Minsk? How painful for Belarusian officials have visa sanctions against Belarusian officials? If the official Minsk will go to further repression in the country, will return to the question of whether the European Union economic sanctions? These questions are answered analyst Ales Lahvinets

Tsigankov: How can you comment on the EU's decision not to impose economic sanctions? As it can respond independent Belarusian society and official Minsk?

Lahvinets: The European Union — is heterogeneous organization, the union of countries that may have different interests. In the international arena, the EU — a "civilian force", which prefers a more peaceful, diplomatic means of compromise and political activities. For all these reasons, a decision of the EU was expected and predictable. Today, the European Union, for internal reasons is hardly ready for the introduction of large-scale economic sanctions against the Belarusian regime.

If we talk about the reaction in Belarus, it will be dual. Will sound great displeasure of the Belarusian opposition and civil society, as it is not a radical solution. In addition, it suspends the issue of simplifying the visa regime for ordinary Belarusian citizens.

On the other hand, the authorities will also express their outrage by the decision, but perhaps not in public will be satisfied with the fact that the European Union did not use extreme measures.

Tsigankov: Given that the decision to economic sanctions was not accepted visa sanctions were extended. How visa sanctions may affect the behavior of the Belarusian nomenklatura?

Lahvinets: Of course, the official rostrum, we'll be hearing that visa restrictions do not relate to the Belarusian authorities. But in fact, I think morally it is quite difficult, especially for mid-level range, not the highest. I think that part of the range of such sanctions have a significant impact, because Belarus — is not Uzbekistan, and many Belarusians visiting EU countries.

If the Belarusian authorities do not perceive that "promise" that the European Union has sent its decision whether or not to return to Brussels tougher version of sanctions?

Lahvinets: The whole arsenal of possible EU funds are not used. Under certain circumstances, the position of the European Union may become more rigid. I think the key to the solution of Brussels are located in Minsk. If the Belarusian authorities to improve their behavior, then the ratio will be one, if not corrected, then the other.

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