Tom Stoppard: Personal contact leads to action

English-language channel Al Jazeera English broadcast an interview with a famous British playwright Tom Stoppard, where the main topic was the political repression in Belarus "Free Theatre" and the role of creative people in the struggle for freedom.

To the question of why Tom Stoppard became interested in the subject of Belarus, English playwright said it happened quite unexpectedly.

Stoppard"With me zvyazalisya banned in Belarus actors (" Free Theatre ") and asked for their support. So I decided to meet them. This was somewhat years. Since then, I keep a relationship with them. I also watched how they developed their repertoire.

A very important point — the personal contact with people. This encourages a personal involvement in their affairs. They were young, they were persecuted, they were bold. And they were in my world — they were engaged in theater.

They took just fine in the U.S.. About them was very good article in The New York Times. And that really caught the attention. People saw them — the artists. That is important. "

Signature: rehearsals and performances are a mystery

Caption: President Lukashenko. He calls himself an authoritarian leader. Belarusian parliament disbanded in 1996. Supervises Belarus 16 years.

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