Top 10 encounters with UFOs


Alexei Muzichuk


The other day the Holy See — the Office of the Pope officially admitted the existence of aliens. And while the flying saucer has not landed in front of the White House or the Red Square, we can recall the ten most famous "close encounters of the third," imprinted on the film.
In 1950, a farmer from the town of MakMinvill Oregon and his wife filmed the footage, which to this day remains the most clear images in UFO history. Researchers from extraterrestrial civilizations clearly perceive this footage as authentic but skeptics believe their fake. It is possible that a farmer shot a plane or helicopter, taking these aircraft for the envoys of other worlds.

In 1966, space shuttle astronauts Gemini IX Pete Conrad and Dick Gordon noticed "something strange" at one of the windows. The pictures that they have done, have generated debate, not abated to this day — what is it still there? And in the coastal town of Gulf highways Breeze, Florida UFO phenomenon was born. In 1987, there appeared a few incredibly clear pictures of what some consider the alien spaceship.

In the late 1980s, the UFO phenomenon got to Belgium. Hundreds of people are reported to have seen strange lights in the sky design. There have been very interesting footage. A little earlier, something like that recorded in the town of Hudson Valley in upstate New York. In memory there was a set of photos and videos.

In the skies over Mexico U.S. Air Force planes chased the aircraft with the drug traffickers. The chase turned into a meeting with UFOs, as evidenced by video footage. In the summer and fall of 2004, thousands of Chicago residents reported strange lights in the sky triangles that closely resembled the outline of a giant spaceship.

This winter, thousands of residents of Texas town of Stephenville argued that saw a strange glow in the sky. And some say that could see the outlines of the ship. The U.S. Air Force announced that it was the F-16 fighter, but UFO researchers have categorically denied this information. Scenes from Texas "phenomenon" were filmed on video.

New Zealand's fearless reporter Quentin Fogarty was sent to investigate the appearance of strange objects in the sky over the coast of New Zealand. And the reporter photographed these objects, causing a lot of controversy and speculation. March 13, 1997, astronomers, and other curious people expect to see in the night sky, the comet Hale-Bopp, and instead spotted in the sky something completely otherworldly.

Hundreds of residents of the town in Carteret, New Jersey saw lights in the sky just after midnight in July 2001. Ufologists have recognized these pictures are genuine, as scientists always expressed disbelief.

You can make your own opinion about whether these pictures a true indication of the presence of extraterrestrial civilizations, honest mistake or a deliberate forgery. All of the above video can be seen at this link. To watch the video, you must have Adobe Flash Player.

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