Tornadoes in the United States have claimed dozens of lives



Strong tornadoes second day attack six U.S. states. The victims of tornadoes in the United States over the past day has 91 people, injured more than 200. The dead included 20 children. For removing debris and search for victims lifted the National Guard. The staff of emergency services is recognized that such destruction never saw themselves as tornadoes witnesses called monstrous.





Beats tornado devastated the Great American plains, in which live up to 60 million people. Tornadoes are part of a giant storm formation raging in Texas, Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma and Iowa. Meteorologists have counted for less than two days, 50 tornadoes, some of which have reached capacity F-4, which is one notch less than the maximum possible today tornado.

According to the U.S. National Weather Service, the tornado as wide as a mile (1.6 km) is almost completely destroyed the Oklahoma City suburb of Moore Town. For example, a tornado destroyed the school building in which there were 75 third graders. Some of the children took refuge in the school corridor, rescuers reported 20 dead children. Analysis of debris continues.

"Many of the buildings look as if they were taken along with all that was in them, placed in a giant blender, ground in a few minutes, and then poured it all on the ground" — quoted by ABC News, John Walsh, a helicopter pilot who worked in Mouret. The police report that led to the destruction of many fires.


The number of victims of the tornado in Oklahoma has risen to 91 people, seven of them — the children, the chief medical examiner of the state. "People everywhere crawl out of the wreckage, it looks like a war zone," — said one of the rescuers, adding that in a state of shock, many are just sitting in front of the ruins of their homes and do nothing else.

Meteorologists have warned of the possibility of a tornado for several days, so that the residents of the affected areas have been warned, and authorities prepared for the arrival of bad weather.

Recall that in last Sunday for several central states obrushilisdva dozen tornadoes. Most affected by the disaster Oklahoma, Iowa and Kansas. In many areas, disrupted power lines and thousands of homes were left without electricity. Locals to stay in their homes and try not to go out.



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