TSB Russia: created task force to combat disasters

In the Eastern Military District was created and started a special task force for the management of the forces and resources allocated by the military department to assist the heads of municipalities in dealing with natural disasters in the seasonal Baikal region and the Far East.

This was reported Press Service Eastern Military District.

The real-time in conjunction with the operational headquarters of the Ministry of Defence and the Ministry of Emergency Situations group tracked the flood and fire situation in the regions. In order to contain and extinguish wildfires, as well as the elimination of their consequences generated consolidated aviation, engineering and fire departments, a total of more than 2,500 soldiers.

In a 2-3-hour readiness are about 20 aircraft and helicopters, including six Il-76, Mi-8 and Mi-26, equipped with spray tanks. To fight fires in the Trans-Baikal and Far East Military District Command East well as allocated more than 200 pieces of weapons and military equipment.


The troops of the Eastern Military District in Khabarovsk, Amur, Primorye, Kamchatka territories, Amur and Sakhalin regions, the Republic of Buryatia to help deal with flood events and to eliminate potential emergencies and their consequences in the 4-hour readiness are more than 500 personnel mortar , engineer units County, more than 60 military pilots, ground attack and bomber aircraft.

TSB command to deal with flood events allocated:

  • more than 120 units of motor vehicles
  • about 50 units of Engineering Technology
  • about 50 mortars
  • about 20 aircraft, including the Su-24, Su-25, Mi-8 and Mi-24
  • about 12 tons of explosives
  • 5000 mortar

Aviation County when performing training flights in real time to monitor the situation on the rivers, particular attention is drawn to the shallows, a drastic change of river beds that can form ice dams.

Integrated Units and attached forces in the TSB are in constant preparedness against natural disasters and elimination of their consequences on the decision of the commander of the Eastern Military District Admiral Konstantin Sidenko.
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