Two whales stranded in the Kuriles

Two whales, each weighing about 10 tons, were found dead on the Kurils, they washed up on shore, said in a statement on Tuesday the Reserve "Kuril".

Reserve staff found the whales in mid-July, however, the information about the incident came just now.

Found whales were female northern floaters (Berardius bairdii). This whale — endemic North Pacific — the largest representative of the family klyuvorylovyh — Ziphiidae. Length of both species exceed 9.5 meters, approximate weight — about 10 tons, the report said.

External damage to the carcasses of whales was not.

Reserve staff measured the fins and body of whales. Also, scientists are planning to remove the teeth of animals for examination, since it is the structure of the teeth can be found to determine the age of whales.

"The exact answer to the question why the whales beaching themselves, scientists still can not give. There are many hypotheses on this subject: the death of whales explain the change in temperature of ocean currents, failures of orienteering in hunting, disease, and even the number of self-regulation" — said.

In Primorye, in May and June found several dead whales. Since June 16, on the coast of the find was found carcass length of three meters. Earlier, on 31 May, staff recreation village in the Maritime Territory, Anna found on the shore of a small bay five-meter dead whale. Then, on June 9, the carcass of a four-meter whale was found on Fox Island. Academician of the Pacific Oceanological Institute, Far Eastern Branch of RAS Vladimir Melnikov previously reported, that the death of a number of whales — a natural phenomenon and not a sign of the deterioration of the environment in the Gulf.

According to Melnikov, annually in the waters of Primorye winter about 10,000 whales. Part of them are killed, and their bodies spring rolls to the beaches, and this is not unusual.

RIA Novosti

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