U.S.: Hundreds of dead birds in Oklahoma


Over 300 dead birds have been found in the city of Broken Arrow, Oklahoma on August 10. According to residents of the city, around each tree lying around 60-70 dead birds of different species.

State experts Tulsa County, as in previous cases, when in the U.S., for unexplained reasons, the birds were killed, weighed in the same delusional explanation — that the death of the birds, this is a consequence of the severe weather conditions. Lightning and thunder, according to them, scare the birds, causing them to fly and crash into trees and buildings.

In another version it is assumed that the birds were wet from the rain and died of hypothermia. But why such incidents were not recorded earlier, although thunderstorms and rain in many areas is not uncommon, experts can not explain, so they did not specify exactly why this storm, mortally frightened birds

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