UFO landed in again taken a liking to them Adygea


MAYKOP, June 7. In Adygea in a wheat field owned agricultural enterprise "Kuban", traces of which, according to local UFO, UFO could leave, according to the portal YuGA.ru. According to the company agronomist who discovered the strange mark, wheat was placed strictly in a clockwise circle with a diameter of about 20 m

"The circle encloses another circle in the center — a hole diameter of about 5 cm and a depth of about 10-15 cm inside the hole sprinkled silver powder. Further inland fields one by one are another four similar terms, "- said one of the witnesses.

Arrived at the Emergencies Ministry experts took samples of land on the gamma and betaizlucheniya. The official said the agency carried out the examination showed that there was nothing unusual about the content of the samples do not.

"These circles are a common prank, which we have already encountered in Koshekhablsky area. Apparently, teenagers neatly stacked wheat in a circle. Outlining circle — traces amateur ufologists "- said the representative of Ministry of Emergency Situations of Adygea.

Meanwhile, we recall that at the beginning of this year on the frozen pond on the outskirts of the capital of Adygea appeared mysterious circles ideal shape, but different diameters. One night watchman at the farm saw the pond, which is located next to a farm, a glow. Were found in the morning rounds.

Local fishermen have noticed that with the advent of community fish in the pond ceased to peck, indeed, it is now generally do not see any wildlife.

As they say ufologists, UFOs have long chosen the land of Adygea. Five years ago, in a wheat field in the area Giaginskiy they left several large and small circles of flattened wheat.

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