UFOs in Britain! Government officials have told the truth


Sarah Layoll

They were in the form of cigars, saucers, coffins and twinkling drops uncertain form. They hung menacingly, moved with incredible speed and disappeared into nowhere, or, for example, merged with the fence, as in Cornwall.
Some looked like humanoids or seem so. In some cases, they could be the product of imagination of drunken observers, as is the case with the radiant beam of light seen in the sky frequented the pub in Kent.

Whatever they were, these phenomenal events reported by the Ministry of Defence and the UK have made known to the public this month, will almost certainly not alien aircraft operated by aliens.

"The government is telling us the truth — said David Clark, who conducts lectures in journalism at Sheffield Hallam University and is interested in UFOs. — In the sky a lot of mysterious objects, some of which we can not explain it, but there is no evidence of at least one visit from extraterrestrial civilizations . "

It's frustrating as prosaic explanation for the government, why is it for decades methodically led the recording UFO sightings. "We're just checking to make sure that our military airspace is not violated, and violations almost never happened," — said the representative of the Ministry of Defence.

A spokeswoman, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said that the ministry has started to publish the files in response to the influx of requests for UFOs, according to the Law on Access to Information.

Files for the period between 1978 and 2002, were presented this month. Some files have already been declassified and made public, others will be presented in the next few years. Available online at the National Archives on ufos.nationalarchives.gov.uk, they include hundreds of testimonies, but perhaps there is a photograph. Most of the material consists of a single-page forms, which describes how it was supposed to fit the aircraft and what happened to him.

One woman describes her shock and fear that she experienced at the sight of a small "object in the shape of a volcano," hovering in the sky. Another witness claims that rose from the bed of lights coming from the UFO "shaped supports for milk bottle."

"One Monday evening, in a break during" Quincy "I just looked at the clock and saw something unusual in the sky" — wrote one respondent. The message came as 28-year-old motorist from Cornwall. He watched the bright yellow light that "loomed and wagged" the road as Tinkerbell from "Peter Pan." "The light changed to purple, before merging with the wide fence," — said in a statement.

The files are stored as random clippings. In the Daily Mirror article 1986 states that the light "for glowing red object" has filled the cockpit Royal Air Force with Prince Charles on board, seriously scaring the pilot.

There is also a long letter, which raises more questions: "When a UFO is not a flying saucer? Whether the vessel made by human hands, or flew from another planet?"

In the old days, the United States also systematically made reports of UFO sightings. But the latest program, known as Project Blue Book, was closed in 1969 after government officials concluded that, if there was something they did not want to investigate it.

Some enthusiasts said last week that they believe that the British Government has not provided all the files and hiding the truth from the British.

But Joe McGonagle, who introduced himself as a UFO researcher, said the documents show that the government has nothing to hide.

"Many people think that there is a large UFO project, which involved a lot of people, when in reality it is only one civil servant who spends 25% of their time trying to sort the messages," — he said.

It would be unfair to say that the authorities are not serious about the issue. In 1950, the government convened a secret committee, "Working Party on flying saucers," to investigate the phenomenon of UFO sightings. The group concluded that UFOs — it's an optical illusion, a weather phenomenon, planes, are seen at an odd angle, and since then it has become the official line of the government.

In 1979, the House of Lords discussed the issue at the initiative of Count Klankarti, who believed that man descended from extraterrestrial beings that came out of the Earth's core through special tunnels or flown on spacecraft 65,000 years ago.

He is not the only representative of the nobility, who believed in it.

"I would like to tell you about some of the signals that I've seen — said Earl Halsberi. — I was six years old when I saw an angel."

Lord Geynford reported seeing a UFO, which he described as "a bright white with a red circle, which flew for the white cone" on New Year's party in Scotland. Some children also have seen him, he said, adding that they "were drinking soft drinks."

The most detailed report was the story of 78-year-old former soldier from Aldershot. His story, which he told a UFO investigator, can be found in the newly laid out files.

While fishing in 1983, when he poured himself a cup of coffee, man recalls how he was approached by two creatures rising four feet in pale green overalls and large helmets. They brought him to an object that turned their vehicle. "I thought, oh my God, what the hell is going on here," — he said. Perhaps on reflection, if it fits for their unearthly experiments, they suddenly said: "You can go. You're too old and not fit for our purpose."

"In order not to make mistakes," said the report, the man did not ask any questions, even obvious, like the one with which they planet. Instead, he returned to the river bank, where finished his tea (already cold by the time) and went fishing.

The report said that he was not told this to his family: "I know that my wife will say," Enough with your fishing, old man. "

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