UNESCO included in the UNESCO World Heritage Lena Pillars

National Park "Lena Pillars" in Yakutia joined the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, told RIA Novosti on Monday a representative of an international organization.

According to him, the decision was taken at the 36th session of the UNESCO World Heritage Committee, which will continue in Petersburg until July 6.

"Right now discussed, including, but amendments still be appended to, discussed and at the end of the session will be approved and specified. This final document will be at the end of the session," — said the representative of UNESCO.

National Park "Lena Pillars" is located in Yakutia, on the banks of the Lena River. The unusual name of the park was due to the vertically elongated ridge of many kilometers of Cambrian limestone rocks — rocks that formed 500 million years ago.

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