Uninvited guests from North America can leave the local fishermen without a catch.

Donets render habitable solar perchesDonets render habitable solar perch.
The varieties of fish, taken a liking to the main waterway of Donbass — the Seversky Donets, recently added another and the sunny perch. At least one of them the other day hooked resident Severodonetsk Alberta Savenkov.

— Recently, along with friends, as usual, to his favorite fishing location on the river opposite the train station. Planted on the hook red manure worm and cast a line. In less than five minutes, as the float came to life and abruptly went into the water. Cutting is a small resistance at the other end of the line, and has been hooked on fish — says severodonchanin.

However, a glance was enough to understand — the catch is not entirely unusual. So involuntary joy instantly turned into amazement. These fish in the Donets is not caught once.

The back — a greenish-olive color with orange spots and dark transverse bands, belly — orange-yellow. Dorsal fin with sharp as European perch, needles, and a great many small teeth can be compared with the plumbing file. In short, it became clear — in the river wound exotic visitor. Ran away to look at the version of unusual lovers gear differently: some suspect that this kind of Amazonian piranhas, others argued that the fish are likely to come from Africa. After a brief consultation decided fishing — need to see a specialist.

Local ichthyologists long ransacked references and were surprised to find that the catch — the so-called sun perch (Lepomis qibbosus), place of residence — North America. Like a fish with such a beautiful poetic name got in our pond — remains a mystery. At home — the North American continent — the fish reaches a length of 40 centimeters and a weight of 0.6 kilograms.

How perch could get into our river — is anyone's guess.

Commercial value it has, but, brood begins to attack the fry of other fish. If the individual is not the only one caught — fish wealth Donets threatened.

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