Unique iron pillar in India (photos)

September 9, 2012 7:57

Scientists have puzzled for years as to create such a column, why does not rusty after so many centuries, and which explains its therapeutic properties

Aroused the interest of scientists so long steel tower on the outskirts of Delhi, in the square in front of the minaret Qutb Minar. The inscription on the pillar in Sanskrit reads: "King Chandra, as beautiful as the full moon, reached the highest authority in the world and built a tower in honor of the god Vishnu in the V century."

Weight of the column is about 6.8 tons, the diameter varies from 41.6 cm to 30 cm below the top. Amazement is the fact that the monolith at 99.72% consists of iron, with only 0.28% of impurities phosphorus and copper, and the column is not rusty and a half thousand years. But India — a country of monsoon rains that poured from June to September. But the blue-black surface and stayed clean, although the height of human growth color different columns — column hug and rub against her came pilgrims and tourists. Legend has it that these actions will bring happiness and healing to those who suffer. Hardware such purity is not easy to get in our time, and as the Indians in that distant time managed to cast a column of this size, is also unclear.

The story of this column is a work of the Central Asian scholar al-Biruni from 1048 AD. The author tells the story of a historic record. During the Arab conquest of Kandahar was discovered iron post height 70 cubits by 30 cubits buried in the ground. Local residents reported that one tube of Yemen with the Persians conquered their country. Yemenis poured this post of his sword, and said that this land will remain, and then took possession of Sind. The scientist did not believe that soldiers could do so with their arms in anticipation of battle, therefore questioning the existence of the post.

Scientists have not yet agreed as able to build such a unique structure. Hypotheses were most improbable. Some researchers have even argued that the column — the work of aliens.

Renowned Indian scientist, who is the chairman of the National Committee of India on the country's history, argues that the inscription on the column indicates the date when the column was installed in Delhi and not the actual date of its manufacture. That is, the column could be made for many centuries before. In the X century BC India is famous for its steel makers and the secret of making great steel. Swords made by Indian craftsmen, highly valued and in Mediterranean countries. However, this hypothesis does not answer the question as steelmakers could cast a column of stainless iron weighing about seven tons.

One of the hypotheses related to the almost instantaneous destruction of the city of Mohenjo-Daro, belonging to the Harappan Civilization, the rise of which lasted about ten centuries, from the middle of the third millennium and the beginning of our era. Three and a half thousand years ago, the city was lost, with a natural disaster, epidemic or attack enemies could be the reason for this. No human remains are traces of a violent death. Next occurrence of the water is also not visible. But the epidemic can not instantly die population of a city. But researchers have found a strange traces of destruction. The buildings were completely destroyed in the midst, to the periphery of the consequences of failure are reduced. These trails are very similar to the effects of a nuclear explosion. If we assume that, even before the Christian era in living people who are able to build an atomic bomb, that for them making some iron columns, even stainless steel and very large.

Another hypothesis is the appearance of the column associated with the iron meteorite that fell to Earth. Scientists say that a few dozen kilometers from Bombay on the sea floor is a large anomaly of iron meteorites. It is believed that fifteen thousand years ago in the area, before the former land, a huge meteorite fell. People in those days was considered sacred meteorites and decided to make him a pillar in honor of their gods. There have been made three. Only two of them fell down and long topped the ground, but the third, which many scientists and reflects several times to reinstall it after a fall.

The process of creating the column is described as follows: at a constant temperature of +25 ° C, humidity and pressure in hollow construction at the source of the Krishna river, south of the city of Pune (voids have survived to the present day), special oblique forms that went down the embankment (truncated pyramid ) went growing crystal lattice structure of iron. This method is now cultivated, some crystals, stones and other materials in small sizes. Special energy-field devices at the ends of the columns helped shape the growth of the column crystal.

The iron pillar in Delhi — steel column height of seven meters and weighing in at six and a half tons, part of the architectural ensemble of the Qutb Minar, located about 20 km south of Old Delhi. Column became widely known fact that during the 1600 years of its existence, almost avoid corrosion.

With the ability to link the energy fields of the column, which has become a legend, to heal the sick. Some modern devices are treated by providing the energy impact on the individual parts of the body. The column also has an effect on the whole body when a person is in the field of its powerful energy radiation. Iron pillar in India compared to the antenna for communication with the cosmos. Depending on what kind of person would take the position, it will provide space communications or will have a therapeutic effect. Unfortunately, the impact of lost its force because the column fell several times and could not get to the exact position. And the people who were doing it, lost the knowledge with each passing generation. So the stories of the miraculous power of the column, which attract the attention of tourists from all over the world, are without some basis in reality.

The properties of the column associated with the powerful energy field that goes from the bottom. The foundation of the column consists of two pyramids, as if there was one on the other, the first — top up, the second — the top down. Above these pyramids are energy-field cloud, like a candle flame is about 8 feet high and more than 2 meters in diameter. This cloud can be seen, for example, at the top of a quartz crystal, it accumulates energy from the environment, which is then pulled out from its top side up, in the form of energy-field cloud.

The unique properties of the metal from which the column is made, is also attributed to its strong position within the energy field. Scientists from London took samples of the metal, to explore them in the laboratory, is on the way iron rust. The column is worth virtually unscathed more than a thousand years.

There are cases when the rust did not respond to the central cross on the Orthodox churches. Five-domed church with their vertices form a sort of pyramid, it is located in the resulting energy field protects the center of the cross. It is also not easy rusting metal corners, stuck surveyors as the label if they are located in areas that have a strong energy field — on the tops of mountains, or mounds of energy activity areas in the plains.

Inside Delhi iron columns, about three meters from its base, is another source of energy field. He is a square with a side of 4 cm, pressed from thin sheets of radioactive metals such as astatine and polonium. Inscriptions on the sheets, apparently, are the sacred texts and messages to descendants. These sheets have fallen into the column through a specially make a hole which is then sealed.

It is possible that the data will cause more interest scholars to the column. The latest devices can shed a little more light on the mystery of the famous tower. Maybe then will solve all its mysteries.

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