Unknown disease struck the fish off the coast of Israel

A mysterious disease is killing fish off the coast of the Sea of Galilee in Israel. The first stage of the disease begins in one of the eye of the fish, which is beginning to rot and collapses, leaving a gaping hole in his eye. Then the same fate overtakes the other eye. In the last stage of the disease, the fish are blind, suffering from hunger is not able to find food, the body is covered with red spots and it dies.
At this point, officials are unable to determine the cause of a dying fish. Perhaps this action is unknown to science or a known virus, but mutated, it can bacteria or parasites.
First signs of the disease in the fish were marked ten years ago, but in a few cases. Now the epidemic has reached alarming proportions.

Kynareth is a city of the pilgrims who flock there from all over the world for the celebration of St. Peter, which is a significant figure in the Christian religion. About a million pilgrims annually visit Kynareth and eat bread and fish so honoring St. Peter.

One restaurant a year, serving up to 300,000 visitors, it is fish menus. The problem has taken serious proportions and killed not only the so-called fish "St. Peter," but also other types of fish — telapiya, carp, carp, mullet. At the moment I will, indeed 15% of fish in the sea, ponds and rivers.

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