Unknown insect bites

Unknown insect bitesUnknown insect bites caused the hospitalization of two people in the Kherson region. 51-year-old woman and a three year old girl was taken to the district hospital with Novotroitskaya severe allergic swelling.

What the insect bite can bring your man to the hospital bed, entomologists do not know yet. According to one hypothesis, it may be blood-sucking, which multiply in the local estuaries and mutated in a high temperature.

Experts point surge reproduction of many species of insects associated with the heat wave.

In Kiev bred snails kind brefulopsis with long white shells, which until now in the harsh climate of the Ukrainian capital could not survive. Furthermore, the record high temperature led to the town of insects out there who had not were carried out — in particular, the mantis and butterfly "dead head."

In the western regions of the Crimea vacationers and locals attacked by unknown midges, which bites cause severe allergies, especially in children. Evpatoria city hospital resuscitation filled babies whose skin is covered with red blisters and traditional medicine for the treatment of biting midges are not suitable.


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