Unusual gift for Cubans

Come, that long-awaited moment that have been waiting for the Cuban people. At the moment, a law that allows Cubans to leave their home country. Recall to go abroad, I had to get special permission, or otherwise speaking exit visa.

Not surprisingly, all these weeks after the adoption of the law, the Cuban people just attacked the embassy in Havana, to become the first lucky ones who have a foreign passport. Such accumulation is caused by the higher cost of the passport as much as $ 100, that by the standards of the country a lot of money.

The cost of all necessary documents is about $ 300. However wishing to leave the country does not care. After all, many abroad are their relatives, friends. That's it, as well as the world itself that people clamor to see.

"Closing" of the country was carried out in order to not give the talented minds of the people to leave their homes. In addition to exercise control over the private lives of citizens. With the adoption and entry into force of this Act, in the life of Cubans, much has changed. Now they can buy or sell property, use the means of communication, to be in hotels for foreign tourists.

However, this leads to the reverse. It's not far is the U.S., access to which is now open. Many people want to move there in search of the most favorable for you and your family life. Such an opportunity was when to get into the U.S. illegally. Now anyone, not risking their lives, can do what he tells his heart. However, there are limitations. Travel can only be two consecutive years (previously 11 months), then you can extend. And the most important people can not leave the country.

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