Vaccine against the swine flu — a need or propaganda?

Swine "flu rampant. Growing number of cases, and can not be accurately assess, causing a lot of speculation and causing a panic. Nearly all European countries have already started mass vaccination.
The discussion about the "swine flu" is not terminated, and their severity subsides. Do I need to do to produce vaccine against this type of flu? Proponents of "conspiracy theory" in one voice say: in any case and under any circumstances! Opinions of experts are divided. [Cut]

"If we talk about the arguments of the supporters of the so-called" conspiracy theories "that a dozen years ago, many of us might seem meaningless and even paranoid, but now they are pushing for a very serious thought," — says Dr. Lydia of Ai, the author of the book "Drugs or a history of deception. "

Austrian journalist Ya.Byurgermeyster gathered information on which can be, in her words, to conclude that the pandemic was created artificially and deliberately spread in the world, and the vaccine against it contains ingredients that are harmful to human health.

In involvement in the scam, along with major pharmaceutical companies it suspects of officials from the UN and Boaz, and the authorities of several countries. With the requirement to investigate the journalist turned to the FBI. "Hopefully, I uslashat and the investigation will be carried out in spite of all obstacles, — says Ya.Byurgermeyster — and the results will be available before us cause for vaccination."
Arguments against vaccines and vaccination.

1. Doctors still do not know why the vaccine against the influenza virus, is applied in 1976, has caused paralysis in many patients. The situation is similar to modern vaccine against "swine flu": no one knows how it can be a side effect.

2. Pharmaceutical companies in the U.S. are exempt from liability for any deaths as a consequence of vaccination against the "swine flu".

3. The vaccine is produced in record time, its action no one ever tested on humans.

4. The company «Baxter International» has applied for a patent for a vaccine against the H1N1 virus August 28, 2008 patent was issued in March 2009 — a month before the outbreak of "swine flu" in Mexico that started it all.

5. Vaccine against the "swine flu" contains hazardous substances that cause inflammatory reactions. It is suspected that some of them can induce neurological disorders and autism.

6. This vaccine may increase the risk of death in the case of contracting the disease, to prevent which it is introduced, as a result of changes in the immunological response of the individual mechanism.

7. Vitamin «D» as a preventive agent is more effective than a vaccine against "swine flu".

8. If the vaccine acts as its creators thought, but most of the people around you have been vaccinated, from the point of view of statistics you personally vaccination is no longer needed.

9. Pharmaceutical companies make billions of dollars for the mass production of a vaccine against "swine flu".

Croatia has ordered 1.5 million doses of the vaccine in the amount of 70 million kuna. First half a million doses of vaccine will be used for chronic patients and health professionals.
Unexplored side effects.

The most ardent opponents of vaccination argue that the action now proposed vaccine against "swine flu" sufficiently investigated, and it is especially dangerous from the point of view of the appearance of possible side-effects of its impact.

American "Health Protection Agency" drew attention to the fact that the vaccine could increase the risk of the spread of mass syndrome Guillaiu-Barrey, which for many patients, it may be fatal.

After vaccination-1976 was observed about 500 cases of the disease syndrome in question, and 25 people died.

"The fact that they really think about the vaccine against" swine "influenza virologists, then there are experts who know better than anyone else the nature of viruses and viral diseases can be judged by their answers to the question of how to prepare for a meeting with the new flu? Of the surveyed 60 experts of this profile have not mentioned any vaccination … In no case, bear in mind that this is a new, unexplored vaccine, the side effects which, as its efficiency, unstudied until the end, "- says Lydia of Ai.
Vaccination did not reduce the incidence of "swine" flu.

At issue is not only a vaccine against the new flu. A significant number of researchers and practitioners continue to believe that some of the other vaccines that are widely used for the past few decades, such as diphtheria, whooping cough, smallpox, etc. — have not led to a reduction in the incidence of these diseases. There, where he managed to achieve such a reduction, it's happened before vaccination, mainly due to the growth of sanitary standards and improve working and living conditions.

A curious fact. In the U.S., children born in 1948, at a reception in the school had to produce a certificate of vaccination against only one disease. Those who are born in 1998, has, in accordance with the laws in force in most states, carry information about 33 doses of vaccines against a dozen (!) Of various diseases.
Drug companies are taking advantage of the media.

"Big companies have a clear interest to those diseases or distributed in as large scale. Some of the diseases are caused by artificially in the mainstream have become commonplace in our time strategies sale of drugs on the world market, "- explains the men of Ai.

"The question in this case should be conducted on a well-designed and well-organized projects being developed for the needs of pharmaceutical companies by leading PR-agencies. One of the technologies used in this more often, it's — the creation of an atmosphere of fear of illness and death. For media such projects will play a key role. They are designed to make minor problems — big ones. They are required to raise the degree of public attention to a particular topic to the sensation "- goes on to author the book" Drugs or history of deception. "

D.Plechko "conspiracy theory — nonsense."
Offers an alternative point of view Plechko Drago, who believes that in the case of "swine" flu should not see an example of "conspiracy theory": "I do not believe that the H1N1 virus is artificial. Science has not reached a level of development, which could be controlled to create a new virus and to determine the degree of pathogenicity. I think that in this case, as in many others, it is the nature that is in response to the ill-considered actions of mankind, causing him to strike back. "

D.Plechko expresses the assumption that the various species of animals facing the threat of extinction svego create a special security arrangements in the form of viruses.

"When the mass extermination of the Tibetan cat — he says — has created this kind of virus" SARS ". Throughout the world, millions of cows are killed every day. So this kind of defensively replied BSE. A bird said "bird" flu. A pig — "swine."

"The pharmaceutical industry, in fact, makes a vaccine — recognizes our source. — And let earns, in case it helps save lives. "

He adds: "The side effects of drugs can be manifested in many cases, and there's no getting around it. "Black" scenario is always possible … ".

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