Vaclav Havel's appeal to Belarusians are kept in the KGB

Statkevich sent a letter in which he confirmed that stopped the hunger strike and told me how it feels. What happened to the letter of Vaclav Havel, who before his arrest was in possession of the journalist Natalia Radin? Khalip told her parents that started getting letters from them.


Ex-presidential candidate Statkevich stopped the hunger strike three weeks after his arrest on December 19. The reasons for the termination of the action protesting politician's wife Maryna Adamovich learned from his last letter.

"12th late in the evening health has deteriorated and he decided to end his hunger strike. I do not know exactly how he did it, but here's what it says. From the rest of the letter — that he drew from starvation doctor, and that was the dropper — it can be concluded that, most likely, it was somewhere in the hospital or in a prison hospital barracks. Another wrote that I was not worried for his mental state that he does not ever, for that would be a shame. Wrote to a friend, and gave reporters that stopped the hunger strike, and that did not worry him. Another writes that restored the daily walks and during them is engaged in gymnastics, "My hungry, angry body ate most of my muscles, and I am now regaining her." This is quite in his style. "

About the conditions Statkevich not reported. Lawyer Tatyana Stankevich signed on Friday, January 28th all day waiting for a suitable date with the KGB Statkevich, but in vain. On the eve of the press conference, Prosecutor General Grigory Vasilevich said that he hoped that the lawyers are given the opportunity to meet with their clients, and also at the weekend, when a weekday is not enough room for confidential meetings.

Marina Adamovich hopes that the KGB still listen to this view, the public prosecutor, "Yes it is still up to him and was not hit. I say, maybe the weekend will start up? She and I agreed that she's not going anywhere and will wait until called. We just hope that by the 31st they still have something to do. "

At the end of the week with lawyers met Nyaklyayeu andAndrei Sannikov, but the prisoners 'American' Ales Mikhalevich, Dmitry Bondarenko, Ales Atroshchenkovym and most of the other defendants in the case Dec. 19 meetings with lawyers were not allowed. Of unknown causes canceled a meeting with a lawyer Anastasia Palazhanka, but the investigators did not rule out that the meeting will take place on February 1. In a letter home Nastya continues to make jokes of his situation, his father says activist Vladimir Palazhanka.

Natalia Radin

"Requests to convey his gratitude to all the friends of the" Young Front "and followed by a joke. To not send more candy, because they have so much that can be traded, and it is not allowed. Another wrote that when will be released, will not be able to look at the summer sausage, but that so far they are still sent, as it is the only joy in life … "

Units of the prisoners 'American' change the measure of restraint for the better. This week have been released from custody head of the electoral headquarters Sannikov, Vladimir Kobets and editor of "Charter 97" Natalia Radin. They belong to the court to live at his residence without the right to leave.

Natalia Radin said that with her in the chamber was an appeal to the Belarusian Vaclav Havel, who publicly read out at a rally on December 19 in October Square in Minsk. Where is the letter of the former Czech president?

Anastasia Palazhanka

"On October Square was read out a letter of Vaclav Havel to the Belarusian people. And I asked this letter from a man who was reading it to put it on the website of the "Charter 97". Took it and put it in his jacket pocket. In the four nights I was arrested, then made up a variety of paper, brought in 5 hours in a very tired state in the cells have made out. And this letter I was allowed to take with them. I was with him all the 40 days of the arrest, but when I left the prison, took him away from me. "

Arrests of new defendants in the case on December 19 continues. Human rights activists say the 37th accused was an activist Artem fungi. We also learned that the "American woman" was held on the same case, an activist of "Young Front" Arrange Eremenok, who previously served two administrative punishment in prison in Akrestin, as well as the deputy head of the "Young Front" Alexander Kirkevich. Another participant in the meeting, activist of "European Belarus" Sergey Kazakov, is in prison in Volodarskogo in the status of the suspect.

Interior Minister Anatoly Kuleshov told reporters on January 26 that the suspect in the display for 50 person.



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