Vampires are fighting for their rights

January 18, 2012 14:52

St. Petersburg ghouls are gathering signatures on the web, to officially register their rights. They were joined by the Goths, the trolls, the frights and other vermin. So call themselves members of the informal movement, which in St. Petersburg, there are already about a hundred. Now they decided together to establish the Association for the Protection of vampires and other non-humans.

Recently, the vampire cult is very common because of the numerous films and books on this subject, in which the images of vampires often romanticized and idealized. As a whole genre of fantasy, where there are trolls and other fantastic creatures, is quite popular. So there is nothing surprising in the fact that many young people want to emulate the characters of these works.

Representatives of the modern "undead" are completely safe and harmless to others. They did not bite, do not steal and do not kill. They just read some books, write lyrics and music of a certain content, organize gatherings in cemeteries and other places, are the appropriate clothing and conduct specific rituals … They like to live in a "parallel" reality. Especially a lot of them in St. Petersburg, which is generally many consider a special, mystical city.

Those who call themselves vampires and other otherworldly creatures, believe that there are real otherworldly entity. But for the past rarely come into contact with humans.

"Vampire" Sasha Gotti, who says that she 120 years old, said: "Peter goes on a lot of undead, which people do not even notice. Undead among them: it goes on the tram, subway, walking on the streets, on the Nevsky. Undead much more than people realize. Vampires are afraid of people, because they made a negative view of them. In any film vampires attack, bite … What on earth is this attitude? Vampires need protection! "

The Association for the Protection of vampires and other inhuman acts while in virtual form. It came after the publication of the book by Sasha Gotti. Now its activists want to create more and its so-called "dead brotherhood." According to them, the idea of support and their foreign "colleagues." The association has a population of about 40,000 people. And it is the population of a small town.

Director of the Center for Youth Studies St. Petersburg Elena Omelchenko said:

"It's fun — to create such a phenomenon as the love of vampires. And, of course, even a forum in defense of vampires and bad people can be very successful PR-project. "

What makes ordinary people, often young people, to turn into vampires or trolls? As the other informal groups, it helps them to discover your inner self. So, one of the activists of the newly established association Yegor Bertil says:

"People come here not because they want to become vampires, they just want to be what they are. I, for example, a troll. "

True, the experts say, it is not clear whose rights will protect the organization — controversial or informal movements of this evil. If the members of the Association for the Protection of the undead want to make it legally, they have to first prove that vampires, werewolves and other their counterparts exist in reality.

Margarita Trinity

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