Vietnam: Mining disaster in the province of Zhang

Six people were killed and two wounded in a landslide on Mount Cam (Cam) in the southern province Zhang (An Giang) May 5 at 8:00 am.

Mass of huge boulders suddenly collapsed from the mountain, grinding courtesy car, in which there were seven passengers and one motorcycle. Four people in the car and the driver of the motorcycle died at the scene and three others were seriously injured.

One of the victims died on the way to a local hospital, while the other two are intensive treatment. Vehicles affected following the car stopped in time before the danger zone.

Mountain Cam — the most beautiful mountain of the seven summits. Height of 705 m, with a lot of sharp bends, is a tourist attraction in the province of Zhang.

Before the disaster seven passengers arriving from the southern Tien Giang Province, visited the top of the mountain in the pagoda.

It is unclear what caused the landslide, but local residents blamed construction work on the mountain because of the disaster. They also claim that the rain and the wind could tear huge stones free hold on the cliff top.

Also recently, when laying some roads used dynamite and large construction machinery.

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