Vitebsk regional court released Nikolai Razumov with chemistry

Nikolay Razumov — a former leader of the labor movement from Orsha — was serving a sentence for defamation of Alexander Lukashenko. He was convicted in 2006, the year, but in institutions was sent in November 2010. Now he was released, since according to Article 84 of the Penal Code, "the statute of limitations of enforcement."

The former labor leader, who in 1991 organized a mass strike and brought Orsha working on the rails with the requirement of global economic reforms in the country, in June 2006, he was sentenced to three years of "chemistry." Orsha City Court found Nicholas Razumov guilty of defaming the president of the country — for their performance during the presidential campaign before the last meeting Milinkevich with voters Orsha. Then Mr. Razumov said Alexander Lukashenko involved in the murder of Victor Gonchar and the rest of the disappeared politicians.

Orsha prosecutors opened about criminal case Activist arrested and sent for psychiatric examination. Examination recognized the state of his psyche normal, but Nikolai Razumov, which has group disability, health issues for "chemistry" then never sent. In Vitebsk "correctional facility number 11," he was only in November last year.

Local democracy activists believe that on the eve of the presidential election the former labor leader was re-enrolled in the number of "dangerous persons". Although in the late 1990s Nikolai Razumov withdrew from public activity and did not show any political activity, moreover the performance itself on the already long-established electoral meeting with Alexander Milinkevich.

Activists have not ruled out holding Nikolay Razumov in custody for more than three months was unlawful because since the verdict has been more than four years. At the time he was in Vitebsk "chemistry", the family of Nicholas Razumov, where there are four children, helped Orsha and Vitebsk activists of the campaign "Tell the Truth" and representatives of various democratic parties and movements.



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