Vladimir Khalip: We're only talking about everyday


: Are Irina about the decision of the Foreign Ministers of the EU visa ban to restore 158 representatives of the Belarusian regime in response to the post-election crackdown and arrests in Belarus? How she reacts?

Khalip: It still does not have this information, but I think that it does not really hopes so.

Sous: What was your first reaction to Danica, when his mother returned? How do you explain to him the presence of strangers in the house, that the mother can not go out with him on the street?

KhalipIrina and Danica not be separated even for a minute. He had suffered so so misses her, he just does not let her out of his hands. They are together all the time. And the fact that such circumstances, we did not say anything to him, did not explain, but this boy this intuition, is the knowledge that for sure he understands everything and behaves in this situation it is very worthy. I'm just proud of him.

Sous: How are relations with the KGB, who now live in your apartment?

Khalip: They perform their duties. No claims as to the time it is not.

Sous: In a letter to Irina philosophical noted that they are not in prison, and takes on a new experience. What she mentions the prison?

Khalip: Of course, in a sense — yes. I do not think it has retreated from some of its long-standing principles. But the fact that it greatly increased her world that she knew a lot in this life — is beyond doubt.

Sous: Irina forbidden to use computers. But I doubt she writes on paper?

Khalip: She did not write.

Sous: You and your wife can be a gateway into the world? You have the opportunity to inform her about what is going on in Belarus?

Khalip: I can not talk about it.

Sous: What is allowed? What can you Irina? And what can you do in the house arrest?

Khalip: Just to see her, talk and everything. We use only domestic themes, do not go to any other. In order not to complicate the situation.

SousGennady Karpenko, a few days before his death, visited Tamara Vinnikov, who was under house arrest. And he mentioned a detail that even kelishki she had so to speak pranumeravanyya. What about your clothes? Have they inventaryzatsyyu KGB?

KhalipNo, nothing like that. There was a different situation.

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