Vladivostok residents to drop frozen trees

Vladivostok residents to drop frozen treesAn unusual accident happened in the streets Fadeev in Vladivostok. On passing the old tree fell container, said "The first Internet TV Primorye."

Cargo van moved down the street to the ring on Fadeev Sakhalin. Container was driving on the right lane, clinging to the side of the road when the driver noticed that a large tree branch standing strangely shaken. Did not attach much importance, the motorist continued movement.

However, once the tree is lost from view men, he heard the sound of the impact. Outside, the driver saw the weighty branch lying on the roof of the cab.

According to eyewitnesses, the incident no fault motorist.

Valentine Bugrova, eyewitness: "She's from old age and from frost. She just cracked. Crack already. He has not touched. You see, it is in itself fell. Just frost and old age. "

Valentina says that in this area are often similar cases. Woman working in the area, and it has not once been able to observe how the old trees falling. Once a branch is almost crushed passer. Tragedy was avoided, and the man escaped with minor injuries. But now people are afraid to walk on the sidewalk.

As it turned out, completely cut down dangerous trees impossible. In the process could damage the area extending power lines.

Valentine Bugrova, eyewitness: "These trees need to urgently file away. But when he's a specialist, cut only the upper branches, because there are lines. We said cut. But they are not allowed. "

Soon came to the place of urban rescuers who sawed the branch and remove it from the machine. Experts believe that mnogotonnik escaped with "little blood" — damages on the car almost none. However, if in place of heavy trucks, passenger car was, the loss would have been much more serious.

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