Vladivostok The sky ice crystals

Photo: diary.ruUnusual atmospheric phenomenon surprised and frightened townspeople — the sky in Vladivostok falling ice crystals.

The air temperature in Vladivostok close to zero, and freezing rain in the air, but it's not like hail: crystals are heavy and rounded, and light and sharp — even injure the skin, experts said PrimaMedia Primgidrometa.

Specialists say that this atmospheric phenomenon for Vladivostok rather rare than common.

Such solid precipitation in the form of tiny ice crystals floating in the air, are formed in the cold weather, when the temperature is below -10 … -15 ° C — this is usually known for winter in Siberia and the Russian Far North.

Unusual atmospheric phenomenon, as the experts Primgidrometa, provoked another atmospheric front, which was first brought to the Primorye rain, and then snow.

Meteorologists warn that the weather conditions in the city and region in the evening only get worse

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