Warm weather in St. Petersburg does not sleep bears and worries doctors

Warm weather in St. Petersburg does not sleep bears and worries doctorsNew Year's Eve in St. Petersburg due to the abnormally warm December buds swell on the trees, the bears at the zoo decided not to sleep, but people are becoming drowsy, easily catch cold and depressed.

Botanists and zoologists do not see the consequences of the disaster in unexpectedly warm weather, and doctors fear the growth in the number of colds and the number of suicides.

The grass is green

In the northern capital is not in the December turn green lawns, the trees somewhere buds swell. In the Summer Garden, mistaking the winter and spring, has taken on the branches of "earrings" tapestry lime. For about two years the ideal place for leisurely walks Petersburg closed for renovation, landed here and new seedlings. Specialists are pleased that moved to a warm winter autumn enabled painless for autumn planting thousands of heat-loving plants.

On the other hand, such a gentle weather can weaken plants and pampered before hibernation. The Botanical Garden started up towards the warmth shrub bark wolf — he was trying to bloom. However, botanists believe that in such plants disorientation okay.

"Nothing catastrophic happens. All within normal limits. There are a number of plants that can be triggered by such actions weather. Basically, the ones that bloom early in the spring: primroses," — said the deputy director of the Botanical Garden Yuri Kalugin.

When cold, buds and new growth will beat the frost. But spring will form new buds, plant growth is delayed for a couple of weeks, and then continue. "Frost damage, but the death of the plant will not cause" — said Kalugin.

The expert recalled abnormally warm weather in St. Petersburg in 2006. "In the winter 2006 December 28 flowered hazel, a few years ago, we in the middle of winter blooming snowdrops. Now she sleeps in full — so that at that time it was much sadder," — he added.

Predators do not sleep

In Leningrad zoo brown bear and black bear Barbara Dominique because of warm weather could not lie down in hibernation. According to the livestock, the animals of unusual weather aching joints. I could not sleep in December and one of the marmots.

"For 18 years I worked in Leningrad Zoo in hibernation overlie only black bear Monica. Dominic had never been in hibernation. Problems with that, because they have the ability to get food. And animal health winter heat is not affected, because it is not their first warm winter, "- says a former zoo zoologist Dmitry Shelgunov.

Hibernation bears need to survive the winter, when it gets tight with finding food, the expert explained.

"In order to lay dormant wild bears need snowfall — animals hibernate in dens under discontinuous semi-open cover of branches, which should fill the snow. While snow is small, but it would not be expected insomnia forest bears," — said the zoologist.

Doctors are worried

During abnormal weather body much harder to cope with the load, according to doctors. Failure can lead to jet lag sleepiness and fatigue. The absence of traditional winter frost too troubling: subzero temperature is a good prevention of infectious diseases.

"With this warm weather, you can easily catch a cold, because the cold winter to keep us from some of the infections", — says Dmitry medic Hamsters.

There is another unpleasant consequence Petersburg winter, which, however, is not associated with the December through the warm: long absence of the sun.

"In the last ten days of December has always been one of the highest number of suicides — possibly on the lonely and mentally unstable people pre-holiday bustle of the most adversely affected," — said the doctor, pathologist Dmitry Sharov.

According to him, "New Year's" peak this year coincided with the almost snowless winter, exacerbating depressive mood "at risk", and the daylight begins later — the rhythm of life years gained straying.

However, the majority of the citizens are not worried about the unusually warm weather. They know that the main heat inherent in relation to each other, and not the number of degrees above zero, and therefore are going to meet in the year of the dragon family.

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