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The book of American spirituality Shepard Goodwin "Journey to your soul. Channeling Michael and Doctrine "states:" Channeling — a way of communication with any kind of consciousness, which is not in human form. Such a mind can be given the opportunity to express themselves through a man — a channeler, or channel. "

We live in a multi-dimensional universe and the physical plane — this is only the first of many planes of existence. They are not separated from us by a remote partition: channeled we can establish conscious contact with other plans and creatures that live in other worlds. Most often, the term "channeling" refers to communication with the astral spirits — mentors and teachers to a higher plane. While in the universe there are an infinite variety of consciousness available for channeling practice channelers usually set only to such forms of consciousness, which to them "closer", and which are well adapted to the channeling process.

"The most common form of communication with the non-physical mind — communication with the dead people, but it is commonly called is not channeling and mediumship. Though no clear line between the two concepts do not exist, by channeling usually mean gaining access to higher knowledge to support spiritual growth and to gain greater clarity about life on the physical plane. Medium may also provide such information, but people usually go to a medium and then to communicate with a specific person, who passed away, and that it is not necessary to have easy access to this information. nonphysical not be not automatically be knowledgeable, skilled, wise and loving

"In the process of channeling there are many unknowns and many things that are difficult to express in words, and, in addition, each experience is unique, but still some generalizations can be made. Channeling occurs through the so-called higher centers that are inactive for most of us, but may be disclosed by the practice. Higher centers are like radio receivers that can be set to the frequency of entities that wanted to make contact. Usually the first signal is the crown chakra. When verbal channeling signal then stimulates the sixth chakra (third eye) and brain by looking at the subconscious where looking for adequate words. essence or channeler, or both, consciously working together, choosing certain words that best express the thought passed. However, even if the entity chooses words channeler usually do not take it as hearing voices outside

Some people make channeling or adjust to a higher source, without realizing it. They believe that the thoughts that appear in their heads — their own, when in fact it is not so. This may explain the simultaneous creation of different people of similar inventions or works of art. In this case, a source with the higher planes is trying to put his ideas on the physical plane, and works with several people — probably in the hope that at least one of them will make this idea accessible to other people. Not every inspiration, of course, required a channeling, because each of us — full creative beings, but in very large part due to the work of any cooperation. Help us much more than we realize.

In general, the term "channeling" has not brought anything new to kontakterstva problem, not only with the "brothers in mind", but as a global phenomenon. Special mental state of the person and the related different visions, hallucinations, images, dreams, and the like have always attracted us. People have long known that mental states such great variety: sleep, clinical death, a variety of sleepwalking, stress, alcohol and drugs, prophetic dreams, trance states and other border states between life and death.

By channeling craze should be treated not as something new, but as a long-forgotten past. "Almost the first contactees-parapsychologists — says Evgeny Sidorov, President of the Latvian center study of anomalous phenomena (UFOlats), — can be called shamans, magicians and sorcerers. Later, mediums and psychics. They, exercising religious, magical and sacrificial rites, falling into a religious trance, for the first time specifically called for "frank" invisible spirits. Appliances such mental contact was based on the influence of drugs. Coca leaves, opium and other narcotic drugs and herbs, along with the psychological attitude, quickly entered on the trance state. In this state, people in contact with another reality, in dialogue with the unknown out of body entities. Receive a variety of information about the past, present and future of their families, the tribe and the world in general …

"Later, with the development of civilization, the study of parapsychology phenomena, one of which is contact with another reality, acquire povalny character. Occultism, spiritualism, theosophy, esotericism, channeling, yoga, transcendental meditation, different teachings enlightened, guided dreams, lots of sects and communities practicing self-contemplation, divided the people by religion, but united in one. The desire by all means to understand and understand the invisible reality of another world, to become a full member. Which laws govern it How and on what technology to communicate with the spirits and the unknown entities, etc. "

Real life or channeling kontakterstvu provide special abilities of our subconscious. It is the one instrument through which contact is made with a different reality. The terms of access of all kinds of techniques to contact was not in vain for a long time is limited. Only since XX century everyone the opportunity to experiment with them. Known mass of cases where the entity from another world deeply penetrated into the unconscious man, and even take control of it. And tell who has mastered you and gives orders directly under the guise of an inner voice, or shoved "correct" thoughts and decisions is extremely difficult. These are all different degrees of obsession, a well-known mental health for a long time. But let us return now to our UFO and aliens.

The mythology of our time is based on the idea, which many believe deeply: space inhabited by other intelligent beings. And if they have mastered the technique of interstellar travel, then, are a race more advanced than us. Attempts to discover the "Brothers in Mind" in the depths of space spent huge funds. And if scientists could not physically produce evidence that would recognize the entire planet, the mental contact with aliens in full swing. But in reality, no one knows with whom they associate contactees. How true the information that we get, it varies from bullshit (or maybe it's the truth?) To the data, it is resembling the truth.

"Why there is no physical contact? Listen again to the words of E. Sidorov:" In my opinion, a different mind, a different form of life there is now everywhere in the form of invisible (visually) energosuschnostey and takes its place among the hierarchy of living beings in the universe. So long It has long been expected to reach people, that is, individually, as the willingness of each individual. Moreover, these invisible reasonable nature does not always show a person what we called humanism … In nature there are no concepts of good and evil. Humanism , good and evil — the concept introduced by man! So entity from another reality, which so valiantly to communicate with us through our subconscious, and sometimes capturing and parasitizing in our subconscious can be very far from our humanistic ideas and carry with it a serious risk . on this great danger of communication with invisible beings indicate virtually all psy-contactees and religion. ""

Vladislav Fatyushin

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