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Jeanne Golubickaja


As the correspondent of "MK" his family saved from damnation.
As yet oddly arranged human brain: like every year we become more educated, penetrate into the mysteries of the universe, matter to parse nanoparticles … And at one point, again — and we forget that at the XXI century. Especially if is jeopardized our personal lives. That's when many flee and settle their problems to magicians and clairvoyants. They are looking for salvation from the evil evil eye, damage, prisushki-shrinkage and other crap.

I admit, recently I myself was not related to the "deep" sections of the population, fell for the bait. Now here is trying to understand why?

It all started when, as in the street chased me gypsy:

— Ah, the beauty! Let me tell fortunes, tell the truth … I can see, the peak king to you on the way … Bad King! Ah-ne-ne … Run away from him you need while still alive! Gilding the handle, will teach how!

I jerked off. The gypsy trotted after:

— Do not go, sorry! The black king will take your first husband, and then will take your life!

At this point, by my fancy foreign car brakes sharply with a beautiful young lady behind the wheel:

— Sit down faster — tells me the girl. — These thieves are always hanging out here!

I jump into the cabin under the cry of:

— My husband has one of these days you give up, and a month later, after the lunar eclipse, you will die!

The car starts to move, I thank my savior:

— The horror! Trailers and is just nonsense!

— And what about the nonsense you do not hurry up — suddenly the girl answers. — These citizen able to predict the future, check! Here only help they can in no way. You count up — in a month and the truth will be a lunar eclipse … And husbands today is not that bad. I'll give telefonchik one woman, call, say that from me. It really helps. But remember: it is not cheap services because (profound pause) — guaranteed!

The girl handed me a business card. At the time I did not even think that a little too much by the way she was close with her telefonchiki. Own good life suddenly seemed so fragile.

Circle one: Witch centreline

Great power — self-hypnosis! The same evening, her husband came home from work after midnight. In principle, he had sometimes come so. Perekinuvshis a few words with me, lay down to sleep — without any pretensions to sex.

It is clear what kind of sex can be, if a person worked 14 hours? But that night in my mind a doubt crept in: here it is, proof tsygankinyh words. Where it been? With who?

And I went to the address specified in the business card, telling myself that it's just out of interest. A cozy house in the "quiet center", a security guard in a suit, leather furniture, expensive office supplies — Babkin business is clearly booming.

After half an hour of waiting, I find myself in a room draped in maroon and black. For a black table sits a lady in black and gold coat. Ladies legs, decorated with numerous bracelets and rings, are based directly on the table.

Witch points me to a low couch in front of you (and only in front of the light source — floor lamp). That is, she sees me in great detail, but I did — very vague. 'm Not in school if the FSB trained her to this reception?
I mumble something about a gypsy, a black king and the departure of her husband. Witch meanwhile concentrated rotates a large glass bowl. Apparently, my delusions of its tires, and it raises his hand:

— Enough! The picture is clear. Egregor wealth you will create big problems with health. Black man has come to you. It will destroy your family. And then take the life. Too late to change anything. Astrogramma running.

— What is running? Which egregor?

Medea is looking at me like I was mentally retarded:

— On the night of the lunar eclipse, you go to the astral plane. From it you can not go back. The black king is already thinking about you. That's enough to start to hurt you …

— Who's the fucking king? You can ask it of me behind?

— I can help. Make an appointment at the secretariat. In the meantime, good-bye, I need to clean your aura. Your field was very clogged, but I took care of all the negative energy.

Sorceress "worked" with me exactly 10 minutes — I spotted. This communication cost me 100 euros — When a secretary handed a check. Crazed, interested in the price list of other services. It turns out that the base price for a magical process — from $ 1000 Moreover, it is unknown how many of these procedures require.

Despite the insane prices, the receptionist Magin crowds of people. Decent view, with quite intelligent persons. Before leaving, I hear, as a woman persuades his secretary:

— It may be possible to reduce the price? I have two children … When my husband was gone, we were left with no money at all … Please!

— Moreover, there is nothing to be greedy, to her husband's family in return! — Severely cut secretary. — Take a loan. A discount Medea nobody does!

The Second Circle: sexy magician

"Nonsense and bigotry" — I tried to convince myself for the next days. But the rest were not. Her husband had long conversations with someone locked in his room. He did so before? I do not remember. And I start every now and then a headache. I could not help thinking about the promised diseases — that's Medea talk about them …
No, pay thousands of Medea terrible I was not ready. But longtime girlfriend called, at one time addicted something esoteric. I'm still giggling all over it …
A friend responded instantly:

— Write the phone, it's a Zhulebino. Man. Proofed. Magician and healer. Does not take a lot of money, a thousand rubles stowed.

In Zhulebino magician — a short muzhchinka slightly over 40 with a beer belly — meets me in odnushke on the first floor of the Standard toolbar.

— I have my own exclusive technique — he explains. — I use a lot of direction, but the main thing — sex magic. All the rules: extract of the peyote cactus and Aztec mushrooms. Then the initiation of sex and orgasm treatment.
— What, I'm sorry, initiation? — I have to strain.

— Well … as strictly as you wish, of course. But it is necessary — a woman should be … Well, sweetheart Lucifer or his messenger.

Magician modestly potuplyaet opinion, and I understand: Envoy of Lucifer — this is it.

— I realized — I say — I'm going. I have to think before becoming the mistress of Lucifer.

— Where are you? I am sure you will be inspired meaning of sexual magic … By the way, what brings you to me?

"Well, really, I think, in any case, you do not wish to surrender!"

— Oh, nothing, — I say. — Gypsy said first throw me a husband, and soon after I die, with the participation of the black king.

— And she's right! — Happily exclaimed magician. — The black king will destroy you! He will make of you a killer sex!

Ugh, again sex! Just not a magician, and a sex maniac!

I strongly heading for the door and leave the house magician with the feeling that Lucifer has raped me. And more than once.

Circle of Three: grandmother in a country style

The next day, the headaches became intolerable to them to add weakness and nausea. I did not sleep, could not eat and felt really dying. Her husband went on a business trip at all. Do not go, and here …

Coordinates of the village wise woman … I gave the concierge at my entrance. At the same time warned that the old lady does not take money, but in kind. In terms of products. And yet to bring salt, wheat and their underwear.

I rushed to the granny in the same day. It was neat, a cute old lady by the name (well, what else?) Praskovja. Once said,

— Salt, wheat, voditsu and brought a cloth, daughter?

I pulled out my favorite products and a set of clothes — a "rag" is obviously meant exactly it.

I'm picturing Praskovya his meeting with the gypsy woman, her doubts about her husband's behavior and their health. Grandma threw on the table a greasy deck.

— Poor thing, my dear! Oh, evil people that perpetrated on you!

— That they made for?

— Evil eye on you from an elderly aunt with a jaundiced stagnation in the bladder. Will you have a strong disorder, and then blow of fate. The attack will break you, and you will die from it.

Lamenting so my grandmother took the lacy underwear, roll it into a ball and wrapped with thread. And then set fire to the end of the thread. I froze. But Grandma did not let the laundry flames flare up and fall asleep to my millet. Then millet mixed with the ground and the mixture is poured into a jar:

— Finish daughter! Sol-wheat-bit of land you have in the bank. In New Moon, go out at midnight on the intersection of three roads, vysypesh jar and turn around three times around. In this case, you will whisper it — Grandma pulled the tablecloth out from under a piece of paper with a spell. — At home, put on my rags, these perforated (she frowned disapprovingly) and izopesh voditsu Blessed …


No matter how embarrassing it is to admit, I have fulfilled all the recommendations grandmother Paraskevi. And did not she died. And my husband did not. He is laughing when I told him about my suspicions. And angry at my voyage on the mages, if I asked, he would easily explain his every action.

A friend, the doctor said that my broken condition is understandable: people are mistrustful and emotional easily inspire themselves any discomfort and begin to really feel it! Only she does not understand why with his ailing, I went not to the doctor, and God knows whom.

I myself do not understand.

Commented psychologist Jeanne KARPECHENKOVA:

— It has long been known: the so-called magic services — delivered by a stream and a very lucrative business. But the man is arranged so that tends to rely on the intervention of some higher power — especially in difficult situations. Fortune-tellers, magicians and others like them very successfully used by the state of "emotional razdergannosti" which, unfortunately, most of us are coming regularly.
But sometimes the desired situation can be triggered by elementary, as in this case. It is clear that Gypsy and actively self-fulfilling prophecy, and the girl, armed with the right business card, were part of an advertising campaign that very Medea. And this campaign has done very competently: rare people (especially women) are not as impressed by the promise of ambulances misfortunes. In this case, the "victim" may be a staunch materialist atheist. This is the case when feelings prevail over reason.

Refer to the "otherworld service" prohibit by law can not, so I may just give advice. Western psychologists believe that every person has their own personal paradise and hell. And everyone can benefit from the subconscious one or the other. So, trusting his fate "experts", release the dubious cults and rituals, we will activate your inner hell. It does not matter, really, these people have certain paranormal abilities, or they just crooks. It's not about them, and us. His act, we limit their will, their power over their own lives, which has a detrimental effect on our energy.

Conversely, trying to soberly assess the situation and resolve it real methods, we awaken his "paradise." For heaven from the point of view of psychology — it is an opportunity to look at things positively.

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