We lead singer of Stsenakardiya house settled poltergeist


Timothy Khazanov had to believe in the existence of supernatural forces. Recently, in the apartment of a musician, strange phenomenon: the lost things, broken appliances and light bulbs go off, and all this is accompanied by strange sounds and voices.

The fact is that in his spare time Tim tries his hand at playing on the exotic African instrument — "flute Rain ', which was a gift from welcoming the representatives of the Yoruba tribe during a trip to the African continent. "Flute Rain" is a hollow bamboo tube with seeds inside, the sound of which is similar to the torrential rain and is used in rituals call rain. This tool also has spread among the devotees of the cult of voodoo and is often used to call the spirits.
"I'm not superstitious and do not believe in the paranormal — says Timothy. — Just a collection of tools — my passion. But I could not imagine that picking up this flute, I will become a medium-facing relationship with the souls of the dead. "
The musician was seriously concerned about the strange situation in the apartment, and is already thinking about how to return the flute generous donors.

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