Western High Speed Diameter

The other day, during the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, the participants were signed papers to build a new automobile highway "Western High-Speed Diameter". The ceremony was attended by the Governor of St. Petersburg, as well as representatives of government and heads of large banks of successful companies.

The signing of the document — is the final stage of approval of the project. In addition, the company won the tender, will be entered into a loan agreement, the money from which will go directly to the construction of the main section of the WHSD, it is estimated, the cost is 60 billion rubles. The beginning of the construction contract negotiation can take contractors, which are time-bound and the completion of construction. According to the contract, the partner also pledged to bring the project about 80 billion investment, the development of this road junction on the embankment Ekateringof. Still, it became known that in the future, this section line will be used for a fee.

WHSD is the first in Russia paid, intercity highway, which has been introduced to a paid service. At the moment construction work performed on the outer parts of the road, the funds for which have been allocated from the budget of the city of St. Petersburg. Also, raise funds from the federal budget, including the placement of "WHSD" loan bonds. The main railway station will be built at the expense of a certain private investor, who was chosen in the tender ended in August last year.

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