What did the dead?

October 11, 2012 1:33

Mummy Hannah Beswick some time in the Manchester Museum of Natural History

Mummy Hannah Beswick some time in the Manchester Museum of Natural History

Today, there is a set of evidence of the existence of the world beyond the grave. Increasingly, however, the researchers argue that there is no mysterious "realm of the dead" is actually not. There is a set of energy-matrix once lived people "live" in our world, but usually not perceived by our senses. It is with these subtle forms of energy, we sometimes get in touch.

Treasure spinster

In the middle of the XVIII century in Manchester, estate Bechen Bower, lived a rich old maid by the name of Hannah Beswick. In 1745, fearing invasion of Scots, she put all of their value, but a secret place no one reported. In 1758, Miss Beswick died. At the time, her brother was almost buried alive, and Hannah was afraid of the same fate.
Therefore, in a will she forbade lower the coffin into the grave. Besides the eccentric spinster wished that after 21 years of her mummified body is sometimes removed from the coffin and held for a week in a house adjacent to the barn.
But the face of the corpse was to be opened.
At first, the last will of the deceased carefully performed, and then, after many years, her mummy was placed in the Manchester Museum of Natural History. A July 22, 1868 his body was buried in the cemetery Harper. Since then, Bechen Bower was the ghost of Hannah Beswick, dressed in a black dress, which she always wore in life.
Over time, the Bechen Bower made a cottage for workers. One of its occupants, the weaver, most often seen in the phantom corner of his room. One day he decided to open the stone floor in the corner. And what happened? Under the slab was a pitcher full of gold!
If you think that after this ceased to be a ghost, you are mistaken. On the contrary, since it was discovered the treasure, the ghost of Hannah Beswick and do not give rest tenants. Witnesses said that flowed from the eyes of Hannah strange blue light, out of the barn, where once lay the body, heard chilling sounds.
Even after homes were destroyed on the spot of the old manor built a factory, "Lady in Black" continued to visit their former holdings. However, now it is found only in the ground floor.

Take away the living dead

Ghosts prefer to appear in old buildings

Ghosts prefer to appear in old buildings

Do resident Peter in August 1996, her husband died in a car crash. On weekends, she and her sister went to the country. And widow stopped returning home on Sunday night, staying overnight at the cottage.
Her sister knew that she was terrified of being alone in the house, even where there was no electricity, so I suspected something was wrong.
She left the house under the table recorder, and when listened to the recording later, I heard the voice of the late-in-law!
Widow admitted yes, she communicates with the dead. Igor promising quick stop to visit her, she told her sister.
Late husband can sustain itself in this world only by its own energy, and she was very thin. Igor was not until in the next world, and in this, but other people can not see it. Or beyond the world at all.
Widow died ten years later, she was only 35 years old.

Ghost points to burial

This story took place in Moscow.
The young captain went to the next trip — somewhere to the north. He was last seen at the airport, getting into some kind of machine. Soon after his young wife, waking up in the night, she saw her husband in his favorite chair. In his appearance seemed to her something terrible. The woman screamed, and the vision melted away …
After that, be a ghost pilot was somehow his former classmates. One of the girls was able to see what was on the temple in phantom gaping gash, and behind the visible wood.

Consulted, former classmates hired volunteers who combed the forest belt between the airport and the suburbs. And there was found dead accident pilot.

Passport dead

Joachim Patinir.  "Charon crosses the River Styx."  1515-1524 years

Joachim Patinir. "Charon crosses the River Styx." 1515-1524 years

But even more mysterious case.
In Leonid Kuznetsov of Ulan-Ude lost nephew. The death occurred in suspicious circumstances. Nephew worked as an instructor in the parachute club. Two of the girls during the parachute jump grappled with each other, the instructor tried to help them — and at a high speed hit in the face canopy. He fell to the ground already dead. Girls also fell to his death, as their parachutes not yet fully open.
The guy's face was so disfigured that he could not identify.
Therefore, relatives did not believe in his death.
Nephew was buried in December, and in February Leonid drove from work on the service bus and fell asleep. He had to go near the market. Suddenly, he was awakened by a push on the shoulder — a neighbor said he had time to go out and market. But once outside the bus, the man discovered that this is another stop.
We had to drive a little more on the tram.
At a tram stop Kuznetsov said standing back to him a tall guy in a white officer's coat. He then remembered that the deceased was wearing a nephew.
The guy turned sideways — and Leonid recognized his nephew! For some reason, no man feared was only joy and surprise.

— Wow! Are you alive? — He asked.

Guest from the world familiar smiled and replied:

— It's great uncle Leon! As you see, alive!

He said that he was buried in his place another person, and he is hiding, fearing that he would be tried for the death of female parachutists.

The painting by Konstantin Makovsky in 1861 represented the souls of the dead, who will go to Hades

The painting by Konstantin Makovsky in 1861 represented the souls of the dead, who will go to Hades

Lives in a settlement in the country, got there a guard at a warehouse.
Approached the tram, but not one that needed to Leonid. Nephew jumped on the bandwagon and saying, "Goodbye, Uncle Leon" — hid in the doorway.
Tram left, and the Smiths for a while helplessly watched him, wishing he had not gone with his nephew.
Here he was again pushed to the shoulder, and he realized that the whole scene with his nephew he dreamed. Home told the story to his wife, and she remembered that on the day his nephew fortieth. But did not give a strange dream Leonid rest. He decided to check just in case the information received in a dream. Persuaded his colleague, went with him to the car at the village where he lived is now alleged nephew. At the edge of the village really stood warehouses. Leonid went to the watchman at the entrance and began to question him. He replied that they charge at all elderly, the young boy was not among them.
Coming out of the entrance, Kuznetsov decided to go for a pee is next unfinished wooden house.
Inside, there were no windows, walked drafts.
Leonid saw the door, curtained blanket. "Probably homeless or live here builders staged shed" — he thought. For some reason looked there.
The room really looked lived-in.
The window was covered with plastic wrap.
On the earthen floor lay some boxes, and in the corner there were two brick and were traces of ash. Kuznetsov kicked one of the boxes, she rolled over and fell out the red book. He raised the book and opened it. It was a passport of the deceased nephew!
Having recovered from the surprise, Leonid turn over the room in search of other things that could point to other nephew, but did not find anything else.
Passport he slipped inside his jacket. From work in the evening went to the fortieth, intending to show the find parents dead.
But along the way discovered that the passport is not in place. Did not have it in any of the pockets. Leonid family so did not say anything, did not want them to once again reopen soul.
A week later, he decided to make another trip to this village. Traveled alone, by bus. At the site of an unfinished house was only a smoky basement. At the entrance, he learned that the house burned down recently — it seems settled in his burned bums.
Sure, maybe not in this story is no mystery. But then, to make ends meet do not converge. If Kuznetsova nephew was still alive, then who was buried in his place, and why no one is looking for this man?
Where did the passport guy? Finally — a mysterious dream …


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