What is the weight a human soul

German scientists from the University of Lübeck published an interesting study in psychology. A group of children of different ages were asked the same question: "Where is the soul." The results have been extraordinary. If older children are shown on different parts of the body, from head to foot, the average age children basically showed the head and the heart, the smallest of the respondents agreed on one opinion, that the soul is in the human heart.

Further, psychologists decided to test whether there are similar experimental data in other known institutions? It was found that over the past 100 years, no one study was conducted of the human soul, its weight and the area location. Most of the researchers noted that the time of death one loses 3 to 7 grams of weight, which is not known where it goes. This is also a Soviet scientist and E.Kugis D.MakDuggall American scholar, and a number of their colleagues.

How to learn extrasensory using the exact sciences and find out that after all the soul is tried to describe in his book "Romeo Error" Duncan MagDuggall. He proved that a person has two bodies, one of which is mental, it is physical, and the other astral. Moreover, the astral body is in every cell and is a sort of aura of a person. Manages this our heart. Information gathered from survivors heart transplant, has stunned scientists.

It turns out that the heart of man has not previously acquired his characteristic habit. These habits were among the dead, whose main body was transplanted patients. Surveys are also people survived clinical death. The brain, in all scientific data at this point is not working, and people remember strange things.

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