What to expect from Belarus today's meeting of the Council of the European Union?

Our radio correspondent in Brussels managed to find out some details of the resolution to be adopted today by the Council of the EU on sanctions against the Belarusian leadership.

May Katsyyanchych, Press Representative Catherine Ashton, the High representative for the Common Foreign and Security Policy, told us that the list of Belarusian officials against whom the visa sanctions will be applied, will be "significantly expanded" compared with the list in 2006, which was 41 people .

EU diplomat who asked to remain anonymous, told us that in the new list the visa ban would fall under the "more or less than 150 people", including those that were in the previous list.

It is expected that the European Union freeze the assets of individuals on this list. Such a move would be doubled and the United States.

Katsyyanchych also said that EU foreign ministers will focus their discussion today on the way deepening cooperation between the EU and civil society in Belarus.

Said the diplomat did not rule out that the text of the final resolution may be a phrase simplification of visa regime for ordinary Belarusians.

The resolution will also include a recommendation for the return of the OSCE office in Minsk, which was closed by the Belarusian authorities after December 19.

Most likely the resolution also supports the initiative of Poland to host "donors' conference" on Belarus in Warsaw on February 2, which will showcase all the major state Ezrazvyazu and Ukraine. One theme of this conference will be financial support of the European Humanities University in Vilnius, which will accept students expelled for their political activities of our universities.

In the draft resolution, according to our correspondent, there is no mention either to suspend the participation of Belarus in the Eastern Partnership, nor the loans zamarozhanne for Belarus from the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank (in this resolution by the European Parliament last week sought).

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