Whats happening with the weather in the Ukraine?

According kp.ua, bad weather expected — thanks forecasters that warned ahead of time — but no one thought that there would be SUCH hurricanes with such consequences!

Last weekend, the wind tore strong trees and scattered them like toys, sharp cold, pour, still, the rain … especially bad weather cleared up in the resorts — in the Crimea and Odessa. Tourists learn that in the coming days, the heat will not come back and the Black Sea is not warmer, fleeing from the Crimea to the Azov — not disappear as holiday!

What happened in the areas most affected by the weather, telling reporters, "KP".


Tornado killed a woman and injured a child

Taxi driver Evgeny Trofimov on Monday morning first thing went to church and lit a candle to Saint Nicholas. He considers it a miracle that in the night of Sunday to Monday, when a raging storm, survived. Fallen branch broke the windshield of his "Seven" and dug into the empty passenger seat — just inches from Eugene!

According to conservative estimates, in Odessa for two days element poured more than five hundred trees, that is why some areas were without electricity.

— Around ten o'clock has delivered the last customer at the center of the city and prepared to go home — away from sin, — says the taxi driver. — And then began something unimaginable. My car start literally blow off the road, fell on top of the branches, it is unclear where the undertaken foam scraps, pieces of torn posters. Twice I went to the counter, dodging falling trees. And already at the house did "catch" the branch.

In the 7-th station of Big Fountain bus with passengers, dodging falling tree, went off the road and got stuck in a ditch. But on the street Shchorsa bus driver steer did not, in the end it literally filled the branches of the huge (about thirty meters in height!) Poplar. Luckily, the brunt of the assumed located at a roadside stall and stopping complex. Fifteen bus passengers and the driver escaped unharmed.

— The fact that the tree will fall soon, it was clear for a few hours before the accident, — complains a local resident Svetlana G.. — From every gust of wind from the rain soaked ground at the base of poplar began to "breathe", and walked on the pavement cracks — there was a terrible crunching! We called "Gorzelentrest" and FEMA, but no one came.

According to conservative estimates, in Odessa for two days element poured more than five hundred trees, that is why some areas of the city were without electricity. Unfortunately, there were no casualties on Saturday afternoon in an alley Utesova fallen tree killed 70-year-old from Odessa. A three blocks further broken branch wounded 11-year-old child, who was a moderate concussion taken to hospital.


Near Ochakov overturned boat with tourists

17 tourists vacationing on the Kinburn Spit. Saturday's storm somehow they waited, and on Sunday it became clear: the continued presence of a narrow strip of sand can result in failure.

— We got through to the organizer of the crossing to the Point, Vitaly — says Catherine, one of the group of tourists. — He brought a small boat and said that the two trips could not make it. I had to sit down together. I do not know what he was thinking — for us were children, even a Baby. Once we cast off, we have been flooded, the engine stalled, and we started to sink. We spotted and rescued people from nearby boats.

This minibus with 15 passengers filled up the fallen branches tridtsatimetrovogo poplar. Luckily, the brunt of the assumed stall and stop.


Loboda husband would not let me speak in the rain

Because of the elements, not only emptied Odessa beaches and night clubs with open-air stage. And if the concert Timothy rain still had about a hundred people, then the performance of Svetlana Loboda escaped.

In the hall, she learned "KP", was occupied only 10-15 tables, and concert organizers about half an hour to persuade the star to go on stage in the open. Point in the conversation set-law husband of Svetlana Andrew King. He stated that the nursing mother will not play in the rain, even God forbid sick. In the end, the audience offered to return the money or go to tickets already purchased for the concert Coley Earrings.

In the subject

In Dnepropetrovsk hail broke the 90 acres of gardens

In Dnipropetrovsk region is protected from the strongest of all affected Chaplinka village — it was covered with hail. Beaten more than 33 acres of gardens, located in the 284 rural households, and more — about 90 acres of gardens and 350 hectares of corn fields, say in rayupravleniya MOE. Damage caused to farmers is more than four million hryvnia.


Tornado felled trees, the sea is cold and +9

Sea off the coast of Sevastopol to Feodosiya overnight became colder as much as 15 degrees. If on Saturday in the quiet bays of water was heated to 25-26 degrees, it has now become a "winter" temperature — only nine. Forecasters call this phenomenon "apveling" — winds drove the sun-heated water into the open sea, in its place rose the cold masses.

June 26. Tornado near Kerch.

And the air forces poezhivatsya: barely warmed up to +10 … +15 C, the wind goes into the squalls and the rain pouring down. The weather, the weather forecast, will last a few days, the promise of Rain, hail, storm.

Most went to Kerch — where hurricane felled old trees, tore the wire. Without electricity, were dozens of streets. A tree collapsed on one filled up the entrance to the house entrance, blocking the occupants inside.

Bad weather made a real test of the participants open regatta "Cup of Crimea-2011". Despite warnings from forecasters, two dozen boats still out of Balaklava bay and headed for Theodosia. A few miles from the coast of Yalta strong gust of wind broke the mast of the yacht "Prometheus." And when a member of the crew — a retired Russian officer — has tried to repair the sails, waves washed him overboard.

— Athlete picked crew of the yacht VMSU "antiques", which ran behind — heard the cries for help — told the "KP" the press service VMSU. — Moskvich been in cold water for about four hours, very cold and was exhausted. The man was taken to hospital Yalta. Doctors discovered he had severe hypothermia. A yacht "Prometheus" was towed to shore by rescuers.


Vacationers from Crimea run in Kirillovka and Berdyansk

Every day on the beaches of the Sea of Azov comes more Russian holidaymakers — people hurriedly moved here from the cold of the Crimea to save vacation. Well, do not come back the same home?

— We came to the Crimea for a week, but stayed there for only two days — very cold, even a dip in the sea could not. Fortunate that the owner of the apartment, we were filming, we returned the money for the unused days. We packed up and came to the Azov — shared from Moscow Inga Khruslov.

By the way, on the Azov resort weekend weather is not too happy about: were heavy rains, but the sea was stormy. But yesterday in the street warmed to 27, and the sea warmed up to 20 degrees.


Heavy rain flooded the subway and the Memorial to Victims of Holodomor

Downpour in the capital did not stop for days. And since the state of gutters and livnevok in a very poor, they quickly turned the capital into a sea.

Obolon, Pechersk Borshchagovka Darnitsa drivers and their cars simply drowned in dimensionless puddles. Some machines have lost license plate — they just breaks the flow. Aside Pushcha-Voditsa trams did not go more than a day — a powerful surge of water damaged rails. A subway station "Heroes of Dnepr" Obolon almost flooded with water. In the passage leading to the subway, people hardly moved on this river about a meter deep. But until the water has not reached the station.

A candle is hollow — because will serve as a drain pipe, where rainwater from getting inside the complex.

On Sunday the rain poured even Memorial Holodomor (the very creation of Victor Yushchenko, who has invested $ 17 million and built in a record four months).

— Has filled the main hall of the museum — Hall of memory. After stele "candles" — water poured on the floor. A candle is hollow — because will serve as a drain pipe, where rainwater from getting inside the complex. Some of the exhibits and the Book of Memory has moved to the premises. Fortunately, it does not hurt — say in the museum.

Museum staff manually collected about a hundred buckets of water. In order to save the exposure, they even round the clock in shifts on duty. However, to completely eliminate the leak failed. It is already known that the shower destroyed five projectors that are located on the ceiling of the Hall of Memory, soak floors and ruined walls. But the exact damage is not counted.

Discussing flood, museum workers err on the builders, saying that with waterproofing glitch came at the stage of design work.

Meanwhile, forecasters predict that heavy long rains in Kiev will not stop even for a week.


Ukraine is becoming a "Alley tornado"

Tornadoes in our country have become commonplace — only from June 13 of these natural phenomena reported in at least seven different areas. Including the powerful hurricane that swept across the country over the weekend.

Meteorologists do not call tornadoes "anomaly that happens once in a hundred years." Blame — Global Warming: Climate change, every summer — hotter than the previous one. And the consequences were not slow to manifest. This summer begins in the Crimea two anomalous "hail", and the middle of June, "offered" to Ukraine, a series of tornadoes.

It all started the 12th: funnel appeared from the clouds in Simferopol, but, fortunately, the land was not affected. Tornado passed over the edge of town and sleeping directly above the body Brewery. It was a very dangerous pass — used in the production of ammonia, and it leaks into the atmosphere could cause serious harm to people.

The same day, a more powerful funnel uprooted trees Kobelyaki Poltava region. June 13 — down on the Sea of Azov coast of Kerch. June 14 tornado swept like matchboxes stalls at the market in Uzhhorod. The next day the disaster hit the Zaporozhye region — where the hurricane left without electricity and a half thousand homes. A June 19 tornado returned to the Crimea, where the roof ripped off dozens of houses in the village of stone fruit. And over the weekend tornado hit the surrounding area of Kerch again. Not a lot in a short period of time? We are not in America, which is known for its "Tornado Alley" — the band through the central states that are facing the cold air from Canada and warm in Mexico, producing hundreds of deadly vortex every summer.

— Blame — weather pendulum, when the hot weather for next cyclone, carrying a sharp drop in air temperature of 15-20 degrees — told "KP" head of sector of medium-and long-term forecasts Ukrainian Hydrometeorological Natalia shin. — On the border of the front produced thunderstorms, the most powerful of which can be and tornadoes and hail.

Predict exactly where and when possible tornadoes, scientists still do not know how: a tornado is very transient, a rare vortex lives longer than 15 minutes. So it is possible that they are happening in Ukraine is much more, they're just no one caught my eye, or someone had seen, but not thought to tell meteorologists. It's in the U.S. developed a mechanism study of anomalies: Volunteers saw a whirlwind, immediately call the weather service. These messages, by the way, helps forecast and warning the population.


Lovers storm drove the ledge rock on all night

Ignoring the storm warning, 40-year-old resident of Balaclava and her 41-year-old boyfriend, retired for a few days with a tent in the grotto. There they took the skiff, and was not able to take back — up 5-point storm. Waves raged more and more, and look to flood the cave. Man called rescuers, and then with a friend they have to climb on the rocks — it was the only chance to escape. Spent the whole night, frantically clinging to the cliff where the waves did not reach them. Only at dawn found them rescuers heard over the roar of the waves and wind their calls for help. Both escaped with slight shock and hypothermia.
Alexander Zhukov, Maxim GOLOVAN, Alla DRUZHINOVICH, Eugene Gavrin, Rybin Marina, Marina Lucero and Elena Tishchenko. Photo from kerch.com.ua and Tatiana Danilova

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