We would like to draw your attention to the need to continue dialogue on the Crystals, called nodes. We are ready to give you the following pieces of information on the subject — it is important at this stage planetary Light Work.

Nodal Crystals — Crystals are those who are in the most important "nodes" or center of the planetary Crystalline Grid. Therefore, when the initial acquaintance with them, we denote them with you as nodes. But their peculiarity is that they do not actually belong to a part of the planetary Crystalline Grid. They are not just centers or nodes. In fact, he — and the multi-dimensional crystal-mnogoprostranstvennye Centers. This — LIVING CENTERS REPROGRAMMING PLANETARY crystal lattice, all of its components STRUCTURES. Therefore, we propose to call programs the central crystal (CPC) crystal lattice or simply programs crystals (PCs).

Programmers crystals have a very important role to attune and migration Planetary Crystalline Grid, first PCR-144, and then the grid-matrix-999. PC — it is multi-purpose point, the station configuration and attunement planetary processes. This, in effect, control panels crystalline processes on Earth. You still do not see their primary role in the development of anti-ship missiles at the moment. In the development of CDP-144, they are central to the entry into service of the Lemurian Crystals. Let's just say is programmed Crystals and Lemurian Crystals (LC), which are activated under the "Rise in the East and the West" — different sub-functions and sub-tasks within the single task of awakening and evolution of mankind. It is important that you understand that and the PC, and LC has its own specific goals and objectives. On them we will tell you in a heartbeat.

So, the PC do the task reprogramming attunement of all basic processes occurring on Earth, associated with crystals of any kind and of any kind. Running in the system, they will give an amazing synchronization and deployment of all the processes of the crystal structures of the planet Earth. The commissioning of the PC is expected in the short journey down to their Holy Fire. It will happen on the day of the autumnal equinox on September 22, when 14 hours Moscow time starts teamwork and activation ceremony PC. Introduction to the structure of their Holy Fire, this wonderful Heavenly Flame, and will start to wake up, to the beginning of active work. Because passive programming function is programmed central crystals performed before.

Reactivate the PC will no longer work in the mode of four-and five-dimensional mode. They are designed to give a note of a tuning fork for the development of crystals and crystal structures of the planet Earth and the planet Earth. — An important aspect of the existence and functioning of the central programs the Crystals.

Waking up to life, PCs are beginning to wake up in tune with their crystal structures. It concerns people and crystals, that is those people who have already absorbed, absorbed in their cell structure crystal basis of existence. This is an important addition, because not all citizens of planet Earth has adapted to living in the crystallinity of existence.

All people (almost all living, with a few exceptions), arranged as crystals, but not everyone is able to bear the possibility of such forms of existence. — An important point in our conversation, and an important milestone in the development of your crystal. Central programmers Crystals updated Planetary Crystalline Grid will give people, crystals and other particles of the Earth unique new opportunities for the development and deployment of a multi-dimensional crystalline creatures. They are designed to awaken the people of four-and give them a start in their multidimensional and mnogoprostranstvennomu development. This is a new stage of development to our dear and beloved friends.

We are honored to tell you about the work that you, the vanguard of Lightworkers are run daily on the planet Earth. You, acting as advance units of crystalline Light Beings groups of people-crystals carry in your "I" the beginnings of a new future development of all the Beings of Light and all the people of planet Earth. Speak out more clearly explain what we mean by such rhetoric. Need to work together with us you have followed all the nuances of yourself as crystal beings. This is the starting point in our conversation.

And you started unfolding its development from this starting point, to be free access to the multi-dimensional — mnogoprostranstvennogo of your crystal structures, your form of existence. You are taking as a base the postulate of its crystallinity, rebuilt at a more highly Light Beings. It is this structure that is forming, and an organization like crystal — is the highest form of manifestation of life at this stage of human evolution.

We went up to the door, followed by — the mystery of being, the secrets and mysteries of human existence and other Beings of Light. Yes, the subject of our study are the very Being of Light, and, respectively, and the forms of their existence. It's time for you to clarify your "I" a number of important points about yourself.

So, you are Beings of Light who live on planet Earth, you are the Angels of the Great Central Sun, came to complete and continue … Great Experiment — its sequel ALREADY fundamentally different basis. This stage — a stage of practical work on the basis of results obtained in the experiment. ON EARTH DID THE GREAT WORK intergalactic forces of Light. YOU — to important sections of that work!

And who are — people-crystals?

You have people-crystals, which are based on the crystalline nature. You, as all of these amazing creatures, carrying in its core ONE, namely, its crystalline structure.

That Light Beings and Angels VTSS, and people and earth are one and indivisible Creation of the universe through a single structure basis of its existence and incarnation of existence. It is important that you understand that you are all One, YOU — ONE. And it is necessary for you to play the "I" in the future, in a new incarnation of multidimensional. And your mnogoprostranstvennoe existence gives you the necessary expansion, deployment, development of you as a crystalline substance. This is an important point in our conversation, because it gives you an understanding of community as the embodiment of the Beings of Light in your earthly manifestation — as a man of crystal.

The concept is not easy — at first. But it is very harmonious and uniform, when you examine it more closely.

You just have a moment of his own earthly existence to ask, but how do you exist, what form of your existence allows you to flow from one display to another? What is multidimensional — mnogoprostranstvennoe content gives you the opportunity to exist in different layers, levels and layers?

You have a crystal, and the crystallinity is the foundation of your existence! That it is the foundation of your life! Do you like people crystals, carrying a single connection and a single information constant, you can give your "I" and the intention of the task to recall all of its true structure. And then you'll get an amazing new page of your life. Your consciousness is also crystallinity, but today we're talking about your crystal display of the material world. The material world can be of a different order — and 4-dimensional and 5-dimensional and more dimensional, and, of course, less dimensional. And in each world is your crystal structure is the foundation of Being. This is the basis for further conversation and your deployment based on current challenges in front of you, people-crystals.

In the course of our conversation, we want to give a number of examples to help you understand how you build their lives in the moment, to make best use of the crystallinity of the structure. This is for you new and interesting work. It requires a certain focus and understanding of you as a part of the Universe. You're a part of a Being, a part of the One. And this sense of ownership of the unit to the whole and makes you an integral part of your development as a representative of the Beings of Light on Earth. It is a being of light, and requested to perform the important mission on which you have already notified as members of the Great Experiment and the stage of its completion. Our example will be linked to your perception of the "I" as something separate and final. You are arranged in a duality that can not see all the open spaces and horizons of life and the universe. It is deliberately truncated angle of view and deliberately narrowed focus. This was done for your active immersion into the matter as soon as possible and get new experiences in immersion. Now we are moving up (metaphorically speaking) of the dense layers of matter to a higher spatial existence. And on the way out of the duality of the thick layers of matter you need to get rid of experience of duality, restructure already gained your knowledge base, to give his "I" setting free of all that no longer serves you.

You remind the present moment the traveler who decided instead to drag along on the trip a huge store, take only everything you need. Realizing that all other necessary on a journey there is always on the road — can be purchased or obtained from the comfort of traveling. This is an important point on which we dwell in detail.

Your crystal structures are basically all the necessary knowledge and your skills. All faces skills gained by you in duality there. But there is also an experience that you have worked, but not yet fully released. And these experiments, being built in, soldered into your crystal structures are in the moment of your order up vospareniya luggage those "suitcases" that you and hinder travel light.

How is this related to our main theme — the central programs the Crystal Planetary Crystalline Grid? How does your luggage in the crystal structures of the state affects the PC? The most direct!

Your status as representative of the crystal structure of the world and vice versa, the crystal structure of the planet affects your crystal structures. Everything is interconnected and interdependent whole.

And here we are approaching the very important work that you, as people-crystals, proposed to advance September 22

We offer each get in touch with her Support Group, with his teacher and mentor, and talk to them about the possibility of such work, the appropriateness of it for your particular "I". This is — work individually, and each is individually. We give a general instruction and direction.

After talking with his support team, we invite you to retire for meditation work. By the time it can be different, some will need 10 minutes, and someone — a whole hour.

So, deep in the center of your heart space, call a teacher and mentor to assist in building the most optimal crystalline structure of your experiences. You'll see in a moment of your work, in your heart space will float frames and events of your life. This means that you should work out specific moments of your life on the planet Earth. How to work out? The answer is simple. Through the adoption and forgiveness, and release, as well as the life-giving energies of the content you can work with the universal energies reunion with pink energy of the Great Central Sun. Who is able to work with the plasma, call the plasma energy. You can work with the violet flame of Saint Germain. The main thing is that you realize that you are working with a flame, which are basically cleaning items. So, you work with your experience that you should have to leave. You can work out at a time, all the experiments. You may need several sessions. The main thing is that all the work was for you to be happy, stress-free. This work was carried out with the joy of liberation and gratitude to all those who took part in your earthly experience. So do everything slowly, with a sense of gratitude and peace.

That way, you'll help your crystal structures free from the baggage and goods which they do not need. A finished work for the release, thank your support team, the teachers and mentors for their help and participation in this effort.

Dear friends, do not consider this work and this exercise at an empty work. You build your finest and purest crystal connection, and the relationships set you in tune with the Central Program a Crystal while working together on September 22 this year.

Know, dear: TA light programs, which goes through the central programs the Crystals — THIS ENERGOINFORMATSIYA FROM UNIVERSAL GREAT CENTRAL SUN. IT — AGAIN The Creation Program (evolutionary terms) for your further space development as a spiritual and intelligent beings.

We are waiting for you on your sessions, call — do not delay your release and purification of unnecessary tests and worked in the near future.

I embrace you, our crystal relatives — tenderly and with love —

Your teachers and mentors, friends and family

El Moriah

Ashtar Sheran,

Senhel and his team from the Intergalactic Service Laertes

Master Kirael
(Via Svetlana bastard and Sergey Kanashevskogo)

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