Wild capercaillie week living among people in the township of Altay Nature Reserve

Wild young capercaillie Yaylyu flew to the village, which is located in the Altai Reserve in the Altai Mountains, and more than a week living there, not afraid of people and domestic animals, told RIA Novosti the reserve.

Capercaillie — large bird family grouse. This bird is not considered to be a rare, but very cautious capercaillie and shy, but because of the time to grouse lived among the people, almost never occur.

"Young wild capercaillie Yaylyu arrived in late October. Initially, he was seen in the center of the village by the post office. Bird sat on the roof and did not fly away. Later, the wood grouse flew into the eastern part of the village near the forest. There, on one of Yaylinskih household, he stayed a few days. grouse fed apple leaves home, sometimes down to the ground the leaves of clover. he drank water from the vessel for domestic ducks and quietly walked beside them. Sometimes he flew on the northern outskirts of the village, but after a while returned to its original farmstead " — told the agency.

According to him, the bird fend for themselves at a distance of two meters, quietly corrected plumage, resting or eating. As explained by experts, the capercaillie is not afraid of people and does not take his natural enemy. Perhaps, say environmentalists, is influenced by the fact that the bird lives on the reserve, where hunting is prohibited.

"Generally, it is a unique case, the lack of grouse fear itself. Photographs that we have received, you can see that he is coming to cheloeka, not hiding from it. This is amazing and the fact that the capercaillie itself cautious bird" — said the director of the reserve Igor Kalmykov.

Bird lived among people for almost a week. Then he flew away, but returned several times to the settlement. In early November the birds are already in the east of the village of birch and pine forest on the banks of the Teles lake, where he ate his usual winter food — pine needles.

Yaylyu estate is central Altai State Nature Biosphere Reserve, located on the banks of the Teles lake, which, like the Reserve, a World Natural Heritage Site. Every year the village is visited by hundreds and even thousands of tourists from all over the world.

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