Will these flying amoeba part of the urban landscape in 2108?

October 26, 2012 22:03

These floating amoeba — urban landscape of the future?

Will these flying amoeba part of the urban landscape in 2108?

These giant flying daisies were presented recently at arhitetekurno and Technology Conference in San Francisco. In contrast, hanging in the sky, walking areas in a donut-shaped, which are likely in the future will decorate the sky over Manhattan, these structures are designed to collect the mist to get fresh water. They may become part of San Francisco in 2108. Aggregate project proposes a new system of urban planning, in which the basic structure of supporting each other, rather than compete or developed independently.

A key element of the new symbiotic city is a sprawling underground Hydro-network, which captures rainwater — the streets are made permeable to water — and distributes energy and fuel. The city will rely entirely on geothermal energy, fog, and hydrogen-producing algae, and the whole urban environment will be built around the needs, starting with collecting mist air amoebae, which you can see in the photos.

"The purpose of our architectural competition was a provocation that would make the new thinking about the city, which in its modern form is extremely resistant to change much," — says a leading architect of the project.

Well, you can say that the goal is achieved, because recently there are new provocative design concepts, such as apartment complexes built into the structure of an abandoned bridge project the world's first floating city, houses, islands, and some other similar solutions.

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