Wind almost knocked bridge in Vladivostok

Bridge across the Golden Horn Bay in VladivostokSpans and piers go shake — witnesses were afraid that the structure would collapse into the sea

Beijing, November 24, PrimaMedia. Violent storm rocked the bridge over the Golden Horn in Vladivostok. Spans and piers go shake — witnesses were afraid that the structure would collapse into the sea. Unusual sight watched half of the residents of Cape Churkin, on the night of 23 to 24 November, when winds reached their peak — 30-35 m / s, the agency PrimaMedia.

— It was awful, bridge spans vibrate with an amplitude of one meter. There was a sense that the bridge simply break off and crash into the sea. If by scary how we will go on it? It will not be riding a deadly attraction — residents complained to the editor. According to the meteorological observations, the average wind speed was 25 m / s with gusts up to 30 m / s. This force winds (30 m / s) on the Beaufort scale is classified as a "storm."

— At the height of two meters from the ground wind speed was about 18 m / s with gusts up to 30 m / s. But this measurement that is done close to the ground, at the height reached gusts of 35-37 m / s, which is, of course, could destabilize the structure of the bridge. Upstairs overlap flows, and the wind is stronger. But he is not able to bring down the bridge, because the projects are made according to our climatic conditions, — the duty forecaster Primgidromettsentra sea.

Director of the School of Engineering Palo, an expert in the field of hydro Alexander Becker hastened to reassure the residents of Vladivostok — the bridge will be safe to ride in any weather.

— All high-rise buildings in Vladivostok rock with varying amplitude. Some span several meters. Therefore, the construction of the bridge in this area is no exception. The fact that the pylons were swaying — this is normal. When the bridge will connect, it will have more stiffness and it will not be so rock in bad weather. No bridges to close for the winter will not be, it's not necessary — they are all built with the weather conditions that are in Vladivostok, — Alexander Becker.

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