Witches Pyramid

September 23, 2012 13:32

Pyramid witch — a basic knowledge for all beginner mystics. It is the basis of the so-called foundation of morals and principles of any magician and sorcerer. Pyramid witches or magical pyramid — four basic rules, observing that the magician gains power, the four cornerstones of magic, upon which the art of witchcraft. Each rule alone is not magic, just use all four together will give a magical effect. They should be used carefully, understanding that it is necessary to show all his will to a desired output.

Witches Pyramid

Spellbound pyramid based on the following four principles: to know, want, go for it, to keep silent. Each of these rules is a natural match, which allows to understand and grasp it.

Imagination or knowledge — these are the qualities that correlate with thought and intellect, they belong to the element of Air. You have to learn to become like the air: to quickly grasp new ideas on the fly like the wind to let a creative imagination and boldness of thought, breathe new knowledge. Imagination can create in the brain images and scenes, it also feeds the senses and imagination. Imagination is a brilliant tool for the artist, inventor and writer. The greatest personal history were wonderful at this power. The ability to dream — the highest value for the magician. It is through this colorful prism he sends his charms.

Therefore, if you bring your imagination and highly value your imagination, you will achieve great results and brilliantly mastered this rule. The more emotionally connected and deeply rooted your secret visions, the more effective will be the duration of your spells. The success of your spells will depend entirely on how much emotional power of the mind you can attach to it. The stronger the emotion, the higher the chances of success.

To achieve the best effect and to develop the ability to imagine, learn to enter a state of the magician. I'll get you an important secret — the magic can not be taught, you just need to be a magician, and go their way. This means that you need to learn to speak, think and do as a magician, then you become them. And your imagination — the best assistant in this.

You need to have a comfortable place for magic acts, which will be one of the main incentives to your MAGICAL imagination. The most appropriate location for decorating your altar may be a small office, or living room. It is here where the inspiration will come to you and will wrap job mystery, mysticism, and the constant feeling the presence of the forces necessary to ensure that your magical personality began to emerge. So value your imagination, dream and the richer and more fantastic it is, the better.

The second side of the pyramid witches — will or desire. The will is to Fire as everyone thought there is a flash, ready to flare up. You should be like a fire — not to stop there, thirst new achievements and performance desired. Develop will power — one of the main goals of the magician. Will — this is something that requires magic. It is included in this magical acts and works in conjunction with an excited imagination.

In order to facilitate the concentration of will, there are simple exercises like meditation on the flame of a candle, hold eye in the center of the drawn circle, fixing attention on the clock. These exercises will help to make your attention manageable. You should begin to practice in small business, and then, one day, you will feel the power of intoxication increased within you will.

Best start — focus on unrelated and indifferent to you the things that you have not disregarded. Before you focus on them, tell yourself that you are now connecting your magic will. The more you practice this, the better.

The main thing in this training — perseverance. Do not think you can get everything at once. Training will be compared to water, which is falling drop by drop, over time, make a hole in the rocks. Each day will give you plenty of opportunities to develop will power, the main pitch in and bring it to fruition. Beware of abandoned cases or cases that you can not do. Outstanding business deal a big blow to the faith in their capabilities. Leave the idea of moving objects look from time to time. Start simple — learn to get up at dawn, or get rid of a bad habit.

"I will, so mote it be!" — Only true possession will endow the phrase meaning. Know that you conquer the world, you need to conquer their will be a wise and confident.

The third cornerstone — Faith or boldness, which corresponds with the element of Earth. Be like a germ that can break through the asphalt, and faith will help you with this. Magical power is more dependent on faith. As stated by Paracelsus: "… faith — is that a stronger and nearing perfection imagination, and any doubt will be disastrous for him …" As long as your faith in themselves and in the efficacy of his spells will be unshakable, you do not reach the boiling intensity of will and imagination that is needed to perform magical acts. Faith — that is what throws everything superfluous and clears the field for instant action, giving you believe in the success of his plan.

In fact magical belief must necessarily be, which is why it owns the whole side of the pyramid witches. You are the magician must always keep his word. If you are not able to fulfill a promise, then do not let him. You need to try to develop a state of mind, the entrance to which, all your spoken words would become true. Each time the word is broken, destroyed faith in yourself. Word magician — the word magician, which does not come easy.

Keeping secret or silence — the fourth side of the pyramid witches. It corresponds with the element of water. You have to be like water, which hides many treasures and secrets in its depths. Magic art based on the knowledge that give strength. The power that someone shared — it is lost power, it will help keep privacy. The secrecy strengthen your charms, and you have more fun.

Secrecy is necessary for another reason — not to attract too much unwanted attention. We are not talking about extreme precautions, just remember — a reasonable privacy will avoid unnecessary trouble.

So we are briefly introduced to the four components of the "Pyramid of the Witch" — is the four great rules, which are the keys to all the action in the magical world of the unseen.


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